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What does it take to look great with a car?  Sounds rather exclusive but classic, luxury and sports cars are great-looking vehicles, highly impressive, stylish, and make one extremely “pogi.” Pero, pwedeng-pwedeng gumanda sa kahit anong kotse!   Ric Lazo of Automart can help you through this.

Of course, regular cars can look attractive to boost “ganda” or “pogi” points.  But first, we tackle what many people believe in this material world, and then explore the attraction of ordinary cars to look fantastic.

For car buffs, Euro cars are unbeatable and worthy to drive in terms of drivetrains and mechanical body. They leave a lasting impression as “king of the road.” For them, the brand makes the difference.  Let’s look at those cars.

  1. Mercedes-Benz. Consider a Mercedes-Benz Maybach Excelero to get exactly what you want like engine power, color, trim and extra features. This is a drive for any occasion. Fuel-efficient with power steering, anti-lock braking and power window for easy comfort. It got most of the safety features.

  1. BMW. Like BMV 740i, 2021.  They are not just for luxury but for standardizing cars.  In hi-tech features, BMW is leading. It’s one of the best mainstream vehicles. It gives you a close to 50/50 weight distribution allowing neutral handling and easy control steering. Given the regular maintenance, driving them could last a lifetime.
  1. Bentley. The 2020 Bentley has an Apple car play app for hi-end connectivity to adore all your favorite apps anytime.  They have adaptive cruise control systems to predict types of road ahead and regulate speed when tracking them.  Bentley Motors  produced the most desirable and high-sterling performance in its class, carefully handcrafted for intricate design.
  1. Rolls-Royce. Shinny and simmering, Rolls-Royce is known for the intricate details in paint specifications. The paint’s concoctions with other materials like crushed diamonds and gold glitters are carefully tailor-made. Like Rolls-Royce Sweptail. The manufacturers employed high-skilled workers performing complex hand crafting. They have upright steering wheels to project RR logo’s visibility with a self-righting wheel center, insulated interior from sound plus specialized tires to reduce noise.
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  1. Jaguar E-Type. Though classic, it’s regarded as “the most beautiful car ever made.” The most iconic and distinctive car in the industry for having a long sweeping bonnet and simple grille. You can keep the top down when you drive to look very attractive. Without a doubt, this type can actually make you appear the “king of the road.”
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Enhancing “pogi” points with regular cars

Nowadays, you don’t have to be rich or splurge much into expensive cars; you can feel great and look cool with whatever ride you’ve got. There`re ways to boost your pogi confidence by making your car stand out to look pretty appealing. Here are simple steps to attract people and transform your car worthy as any other famous cars.

1. Do a deep cleaning effort and get rid of junks.

2. Always condition your car and perform regular maintenance.

3. Fix dents, scratches and paint correction.

4. Wash thoroughly the exterior.

5. Limit eating inside and make the car breathe clean air.

6. Wax your car.

8.   Upgrade you Audio System and/or customize seat covers.

9.  Stay positive, feel great and drive safely.

Of course, everyone wants to look fantastic with any car they own. Hence, regular or ordinary wheels can now look pleasing and interesting. Being smart is the key as you can absolutely appear very attractive too. Be confident and stylish. Enhance your “pogi” points, look nice and great by revamping the aforementioned tips. Always feel good in your own car. Oh ano, kayang-kayang maging mas pogi at maganda sa anumang klaseng sasakyan! Di ba?

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