2012 Hyundai County Bus - MT Diesel

Vehicle Details

Odometer: 119,626
Condition: Used - Running
Plate No.: For LTO Processing
Vehicle Registration: Available
Vehicle OR: Available - Clear
Inspection score: to follow
Other Notes:

This is a used Rental Car. The mileage is high but it has been maintained very well, inside and out. It passes international standards for car rentals. All repairs are done by casa only. You may schedule an appointment to see for yourself.

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Location: 257 Quirino Ave. Paranaque City , Metro Manila
Phone number: -
Cellphone number: 09175693371
Open hours: M-F- 9AM - - 6pm; call for appt.
Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Manager's Check, Cash
Minimum bid: PHP 1,470,000

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