Simple Guide to Buying Repossessed Cars in the Philippines

Simple Guide to Buying Repossessed Cars in the Philippines

Updated on June 12 2024

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable used car in the Philippines, repossessed cars from banks can be a great option. These cars are often of good quality and come at a lower price compared to brand new vehicles. In the past, buying repossessed cars was quite a hassle, but with the advent of online platforms like Automart.Ph, the process has become much easier and more convenient. Let's dive into how you can successfully buy a repossessed car and why it's a smart choice.

Why Choose Repossessed Cars?

Repossessed cars are vehicles that were once owned by individuals who took loans from banks or financing institutions to purchase them. Due to unforeseen circumstances, these owners couldn't continue making payments, leading the banks to reclaim the cars. Contrary to common misconceptions, most of these repossessed cars are in good condition, with many being voluntarily returned and lightly used. This means you can get cars that are almost brand-new at significantly lower prices.

The Process Simplified

1. Visit Automart.Ph: We have partnered with various banks to showcase thousands of repossessed cars. You can browse through the listings from the comfort of your phone or computer.

2. Inquire or Call: Have questions? Reach out to us through 0927-887-6400, click on the connect button on the lower right to chat with us, or send an email to

3. Inspect the Car: Once you find a car you’re interested in, you can schedule a free inspection. It’s optional but you can also bring your own mechanic to check out help you evaluate the unit.

4. Bid or Buy Online: When you've found the perfect car, you can place a bid or buy it outright through our website. A refundable Php 10,000 deposit is required before you can make a purchase.

5. Payment and Documentation: If your bid is successful, you’ll need to pay for the car at a bank branch of the selling bank. Sign the deed of sale, get a gate pass, and complete any necessary paperwork. You will be assisted by our advisors throughout the process.

6. Drive Your Car Home: Once everything is settled, you're ready to drive your newly acquired car home.

Advantages of Buying Repossessed Cars

1. Excellent Condition: Many repossessed cars are in great shape, with some having low mileage and minimal wear.

2. Reputable Sources: You'll be dealing with established banks and a trustworthy platform.

3. Lower Prices: You can get substantial price cuts compared to buying brand new cars.

Tips for a Smooth Experience

1. Inspect Thoroughly: Take advantage of the inspection option and even consider bringing a mechanic.

2. Verified Transactions: Stick to authorized channels and never deal with anyone claiming to be a bank agent outside Automart.Ph.

3. Transparent Pricing: Unlike traditional car dealerships, the prices here at Automart.Ph are already fair and honest, eliminating the need for haggling.

Buying repossessed cars is now simpler and more secure than ever, due to our platform connecting the banks to you. These cars, often in excellent condition, come at a fraction of the price of brand new vehicles. With reputable sources, transparent pricing, and the convenience of online transactions, purchasing a repossessed car is a smart choice for anyone seeking quality and affordability in the Philippines.

More Questions?

Contact us at 0927-887-6400 or chat with us using the chat function of the website, located at the lower-right-hand portion of the screen.

We hope to help you get your dream car soon!

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