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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the process to buy repossessed car?

  1. Register at https://automart.ph/register.
  2. Schedule for inspection of the unit with us. Normally open weekdays 9-5pm and halfday Saturday. Contact us at 0927-887-6400.
  3. Bid on the unit(s) you like. Regular bidding cut off is every Wednesday 4pm, but can vary depending on our partner.
  4. Wait within 3-5 working days to know if you won.

How much is the deposit?

No need for a deposit. Your account is already activated and ready for bidding and buy now. However, please note that some of our partners require a reservation deposit when a unit is awarded to you.

How to submit a deposit?

Here are the account details where you can deposit. If doing so via credit card, you must deposit P10,500 due to additional convenience fee. Please send proof of deposit to accounting@automart.ph
  • BDO: Name:QMarketz Corp; Acct No:00 207 801 3264
  • BPI: Name:QMarketz Corp; Acct No:4441 0047 67
  • EastWest: Name:QMarketz Corp; Acct No:2000 2098 2817
  • Gcash: Name:Poncevic C. Ceballos Jr; Acct No:0905 244 5802
  • Credit Card: Name:QMarketz Corp; URL:justpay.to/automartph

Can I ask for an installment quotation for the unit I want?

Yes, you may click the chat now button on the lower right and an automart.ph representative will be happy to help you get the lowest quote for the car you want.

What are the financing requirements?

  1. Qualifications
    1. Between 21 and 70 years old at the end of the loan term
    2. Gross family income of P40,000/ mo minimum
    3. Stable source of income from employment or business.
  2. Documents
    1. Individual
      1. Completely filled-up application form
      2. ITR
      3. Employment Certificate / 3 Months Bank Statement
      4. Valid Government Issued ID
    2. Corporation/Business
      1. Completely filled-up application form
      2. SEC Registration
      3. Articles of Incorporation
      4. By-laws
      5. Latest GIS
      6. Latest ITR
      7. Latest Bank Statements for 3 months
      8. Comparative AFS

Do you have in-house financing?

We don't offer in-house financing, but we partner with banks and other financing providers to present you with various financing options.

How long does financing take?

This can be as short as two (2) weeks but as long as three (3) months.

Are prices negotiable?

No. Automart's prices are the lowest possible price already.

How can I schedule a car inspection? Where do we meet to inspect the car?

We have multiple locations where inspections could be scheduled. Check our website for updated locations and times.

Are papers complete? How soon before I get them?

The car's official receipt, certificate of registration and deed of absolute sale are always complete. Please allow up to three months to get these processed.