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Why sell your car through Automart.Ph's Sell My Car?


If you're a busy person, you probably don't want to deal with all the hassles of trying to sell your car. Nobody wants to deal with joy bidders, low ballers, and endless questions from people who don't even seriously plan on buying.
Sell My Car by Automart.Ph is here to change that and make it a zero headache process to sell or trade in your vehicle.


It's never 100% safe to do meetups, but even less so during these times. Automart.Ph has a tried-and-tested system where you only need to meet with our representative once, and you'll sell your car.

Car Prepossession - Legal Pasalo or Assume Balance

If your car is gathering dust being underutilized, and you're still paying the bank, we can change that. Sell My Car accepts cars for "assume balance" or "pasalo", but legally and above-board. There will be no risk, because we'll pay off your bank balance. If there's money leftover, we'll give it to you!

How It Works

Just follow these 3 easy steps

Want to Trade-In Your Car?

We'll give you an additional P10,000 worth of credit on any car in the Automart.Ph inventory, if you buy your new unit from us instead of getting a cheque payment.

Enter Your Details and Get a Pre-Inspection Appraisal

Enter your car details and schedule a convenient date/time for car inspection. To give you an idea on the value of your car, we’ll give you a pre-inspection estimate. If the offer isn’t what you had in mind, you can choose to cancel without any charges.

Have Your Car Inspected

If you agree with the estimated offer, bring your car over to the specified address or we can also arrange for our mechanics to go to you for inspection. Our 170-point inspection should take around 30 minutes. We’ll then give you an approximate value that we can sell your Used Car for.

Get Your Money on the Same Day

Once we agree on the selling price, we will pay you on the same day. We can do bank transfers or cheque payments. You’ll sign the Deed of Sale, and the transaction will be done on the same day. Convenient and fast!

Benefits of getting an offer from Automart

Quick, Easy and Safe Process

Deal Only with a Trusted Company

High Appraisal Values

Honest Car Valuation

Sell My Car FAQs

With the Sell My Car service, Automart.Ph will do the hard work to sell your car while you wait. No more looking for buyers, negotiating with joy bidders, and setting up countless meetups. Sell My Car is designed to make the process as hassle-free as possible.

How To Sell Your Car

Is it easy to Sell My Car?

It can be, but only if you're using Automart.Ph's sell my car. Here's the process:
  1. Select your preferred appointment schedule and enter your used vehicle information and personal information. In Metro Manila and Davao, slots are available daily. Let's schedule something that's convenient for you!
  2. Wait for our representatives to contact you for confirmation and further instructions.
  3. Meetup with our adviser for the pre-purchase car inspection, appraisal, and price negotiation.
  4. If all goes well and we agree on the car price, we can pay for your car on the same day.
  5. Sign the deed of sale and get your money.

How do I Trade In my Car?

Want to trade-in? Follow all the steps above. When you buy your next car from us you can get an additional P10,000 of credit towards that purchase.

Do I have to pay to register?

No, registration with Sell My Car is free!

What are the requirements to Sell My Car?

The actual unit must be present with its original Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration. If available, please also bring the following:
  • Insurance policy
  • Owner's manual
  • Service history
  • Duplicate keys
  • Spare tire, tools, and other miscellaneous
  • Parts

Can I sign up more than one car?

Yes, you may sign up more than one car and it is still free! Please present each individual unit for appraisal and inspection with their respective papers.

Can I take my car home after the inspection?

Yes, there is no need to leave your car with us after the inspection, unless we've already bought the unit.

Where will my car be posted for sale?

It will be posted on Automart.Ph and will be open to online bidding or “buy it now” offers.

What if a buyer wants to view my car?

If a buyer wants to inspect the car in person, our adviser will arrange for the meet up as well as assist in the viewing process.

A buyer approached me personally, can I refer them to my adviser?

Please refer them to your adviser, we'll do the negotiation for you.

What if I don't want to sell my car anymore?

It is free to cancel your agreement with Sell My Car at any time, with no penalty.

Eligibility Guidelines

What if the car is not under my name?

A notarized deed of sale will be required if the car's registration is not under your name.

What if my car registration is expired?

Cars with expired registration may be accepted but it may affect the car's final valuation during the appraisal.

What if my car has been modified?

Non-stock cars with modifications are allowed. If you plan to return it to stock condition before selling, please do so before appraisal and inspection.

What issues could cause my car to be rejected?

Cars with the following conditions are not eligible for Sell My Car:
  • The car is more than 10 years old
  • Major body or drivetrain damage
  • Unauthorized change of color
  • Other issues or modifications that could render the vehicle unsafe according to our mechanic's pre-purchase inspection

Price and Payment

How do I find out what my car is worth?

Our advisers will conduct an appraisal and provide a price that will be open to negotiation afterwards. We will also immediately relay your car details to our network of dealers, so we can give you a quote and sell your car as soon as possible. If an agreement cannot be reached, you can sell your car through our website ("pabenta"), and we'll give you the sale price (net of any commissions and costs).

Will Automart.Ph take a commission from me?

Yes, Automart.Ph will take a commission from the seller that will be discussed during the inspection appointment.

How do I find out what my car is worth if it is for “assume balance” or “pasalo”?

We will first inspect the car to determine the appraisal value. The amount you'll receive from the sale will then be the difference between the appraisal value and the remaining bank loan balance. Please present the remaining bank loan balance of the car.

What if a buyer wants to pay in installment? Will I get my money in installments?

Automart.Ph will only accept payments in full through deposit or cheque, so there is no need to wait for your money. If needed, Automart will arrange the financing for the vehicle, however, you will still get your money in full.

Can I get paid in cash?

The proceeds from a car's sale can be done through bank transfer or cheque payment, to be claimed upon signing of the deed of sale.

Can a buyer approach me with any issues after a sale?

No. Automart.Ph will prepare a deed of absolute sale for every sale, to release you from any liabilities after the buyer takes delivery of the car.

Can I combine financing with my trade-in?

Yes, Automart.Ph accepts financing, subject to approval.

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