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BDO Repossessed Cars and Used Cars For Sale Available at Automart.Ph


Below is our inventory of BDO Repossessed Cars and Used Cars. Automart.Ph is an official partner  of BDO for selling their repossessed car inventory. This means we offer the lowest prices, as we don’t include a hidden buyer’s premium or any “patong.”  Automart.Ph sells you the same cars, with accommodating professional sales advisers, online convenience at exactly the same price ― no more, no less. 

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BDO is the largest bank in the country. Being part of SM Group owned by the wealthiest man in the country, Henry Sy Sr. The bank boasts the largest number of assets, hence, they are also known for the car loans they give out to their customers. You’re probably here because you’re looking for BDO Repossessed Cars but don’t worry, we have plenty of other options from other banks! 

Automart.Ph Partnership with other banks

Automart.Ph has partnered with many banks in the country to bring to our customers Used and Repossessed Cars.. With like BDO banks working together with Automart.Ph, we make cars cheap and more accessible to customers like you. Together, Automart’s friendly and highly trained agents are trained to show customers the thousands of cars we have at our inventory. 

We like to think we’re good at our job in bringing to consumers BDO Used and Repossessed Cars. We’ve made a very helpful guide for anyone who wants to buy at Automart.Ph here.

Is this your chance to buy your dream car for cheap?

When car dealerships sell their cars brand new, often customers rely on bank loans to be able to purchase their dream cars. However, there are times wherein people undergo hardships and are unable to pay the car’s monthly installments. The car will then be taken by the banks, but as soon as they do, the banks want their money back as soon as possible. 

Cars lose value the more time passes so BDO Repossessed Cars are incredibly cheap! Because the cars are stored in warehouses, they are sold with the lowest prices in the market. These cars are often below market value. These cars are a bargain. 


Pros and Cons of Buying Used and Repossessed


  • Car lots are not dealerships. Cars are left “as is, where is” which means they are left in the same condition the bank has gotten them. 

  • Often the cars are dusty and unpresentable.

  • You’re unsure of the car’s condition. (But we can help you hire expert mechanics to check their condition)


  • Cars are significantly below market price when they’re in bank car lots. 

  • With a cheap car wash, cars can easily suddenly be more worth it than they look.

  • Sometimes, cheap cars can be worth suddenly more with very minor repairs. 


What Cars are the Most Common? 

  • The most common models that car dealers are able to sell in the country are the cheapest models. Toyota, being the largest car manufacturer in the country, has been able to sell 152,389 vehicles as of 2018. Their best selling model? It’s obviously the Filipino favorite, the Vios. Our inventory of BDO Repossessed Cars has plenty of selection of the go-to family car.  

    Other Filipino favorites that are plenty in our BDO Repossessed Car lot include the Hyundai Accent and Toyota Wigo. Automart.Ph is all about showing you your options. 

Getting What You Want 

  • As a car buyer, you probably still have some questions on BDO repossessed cars. You can only see a picture of the car, after all. So you might ask what is the state of the cars for sale? What condition are they in? How many miles have they traveled? How can I be sure?

  • Automart.Ph’s specialized agents stationed at the warehouse are welcome to help you familiarize yourself with the car of your choice. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding the condition of the car. 

     Check out their contact details here. 

  • If you want security in your car purchase, we also recommend hiring our licensed mechanics to inspect your vehicle. These mechanics are fitted with a checklist of over a hundred items to check in the car. Automart.Ph wants your peace of mind.

Plenty of warehouse locations to choose from 

  • Automart.Ph has repossessed car lots all over the country. We have five lots in Paranaque, three lots in Quezon City, three lots in Davao, and one lot in Cebu. 

    1. Automart.Ph Baesa, Quezon City Car Lot

    • No. Of Cars: Hundreds
    • Address: 65 Howmart Rd, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1106 
    • Contact Person: Beng Nocom
    • Contact Phone: 0905-244-5805

    2. Automart.Ph Used Car Lot Panabo

    • No. Of Cars: Hundreds
    • Address: Weehen St. Cagangohan Panabo Davao del Norte.
    • Contact Person: Rose Nelms
    • Contact Phone: 0927-087-7535

    Browse through the thousands of BDO Repossessed Cars we have at our selections. Feeling ready to buy? Sign up here

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