Eastwest Bank Used and Repossessed Cars For Sale Philippines

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This is the inventory of Repossessed cars of EastWest Bank. Automart.Ph sells these cars at the cheapest because we don’t add a buyer’s premium to the prices of the cars. Automart.Ph is an official partner in selling EastWest Repossessed Cars, and we’ve been doing so since 2017. We promise exactly the same prices while providing more convenience, making sure that consumers are able to buy their dream car online faster, easier and cheaper.

What’s the difference between buying at EastWest Bank and Automart.Ph

Buying repossessed cars from Automart.Ph is a similar process of buying cars directly from EastWest Bank. What's the difference? We offer the convenience of customers to search and bid for the cars they want in the comfort of their homes. Aside from the convenience, Automart.Ph’s agents understand very well what car buyers look for. Our agents accompany customers in EastWest’s Repossessed Car Lot should customers choose to inspect a car they liked because our agents are trained to narrow down your choices based on the requirements you want your car to meet. Buying is easier and shorter at Automart.Ph. Note that the prices banks like EastWest sells their cars at is the same as ours. Why? Automart.Ph only takes a small commission from the bank once they are able to sell EastWest Repossessed Cars through us. Automart saves car buyers money, whilst offering customers a more accessible experience.

Where does EastWest Bank get their Cars?

Most people are able to buy through loans by banks like EastWest. However, buyers have to sign contracts. If buyers are unable to pay the monthly installments, these contracts state that the banks can take their cars back. Hence the term “re-possessed.” Banks like Eastwest literally takes possession of the cars again.

EastWest Partnership with Automart.Ph

EastWest has partnered with Automart.Ph because our highly trained agents have gotten a reputation of providing a great customer experience through customer testimonials. Automart.Ph also offers its website for more customers to easily access EastWest’s cars for sale.

Opportunity for the Cheapest Cars

Given these circumstances, banks want their money back as soon as possible. So they will store their cars they’ve repossessed in their warehouses, and then they will then sell with the lowest prices in the market. Banks do this because the more time the cars spend in their hands, the more the cars lose their value as time passes. This grants consumers the opportunity to find the cheapest cars possible given that banks strategically price their cars below market value.

Getting What You Want

As a car buyer, you probably still have some questions on EastWest Bank repossessed cars. What is the state of the cars for sale? What condition are they in? How many miles have they traveled? How can I be sure? Thankfully, Automart.Ph has specialized agents whose job are to familiarize themselves with the cars in the lot. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding the car, or whether you want to inspect the car yourself. The cars that banks sell, more often than not, come from regular people like you and me. Meaning the condition they’re in are often the same condition as if it were any other person using them on a regular daily basis. So you can feel optimistic that our car lots have cars that can meet the demands of anyone looking for a quality, reliable car.

What about EastWest Bank?

EastWest Bank (sometimes spelled as East West Bank) is one of the country’s largest banks. It’s the 11th largest in terms of assets and is a member of the Filinvest Group. As of three years ago, it has around 500 stores around the country. EastWest is known by their distinct bright yellow-green color scheme, and you could usually find your way towards the nearest branch through Google or Waze.

Are EastWest repossessed cars even worth it?

Buying repossessed and used cars obviously isn’t the same as buying cars brand new. We have to be careful not to set our expectations too high because sometimes being satisfied with our choices means lowering our expectations. That said, the choices you have as a buyer form EastWest Bank’s repossessed car inventory is indeed plenty. They offer a multitude of the most sought after models such as the Toyota Vios, Toyota Wigo, and Hundai Accent. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself and schedule an inspection.

Helping You Buy

Aside from low prices Automart.Ph in partnership with EastWest Bank gives you, we also offer car financing to our customers at a low 30% down payment. A one to three-month waiting period is required by financing for the car to be released.

Where Are The EastWest Bank Repossessed Cars Located?

Quezon City Area 1. Automart.Ph Libis, Quezon City Car Lot No. Of Cars: Hundreds Address: C5 cor. Mercury Avenue Bagumbayan Quezon City, Metro Manila Contact Person: Samuel Sumagaysay Contact Phone: 0905-426-1652 2. Automart.Ph Balintawak, Quezon City Car Lot No. Of Cars: Hundreds Address: Nissan Balintawak Showrooms Contact Person: Beng Nocom Contact Phone: 0905-244-5805 Paranaque City Area 1. Automart.Ph Used Car Lot Merville No. Of Cars: Hundreds Address: Robinsons Supermarket Merville, Paranaque, Metro Manila Contact Person: Orlan Binauhan Contact Phone: 0905-372-6261 2. Automart.Ph Used Car Lot Mandaue No. Of Cars: Hundreds Address: Jayme St. Pakna-an Mandaue, Cebu City Contact Person: Janjan Tabar Contact Phone: 0995-088-9001

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