Are name brand gasoline stations really better others?

Are name brand gasoline stations really better others?

Updated on April 23 2024

By: Zeke Pelaez for Automart.PH

Stopping by a gas station has become a routine part of life for many of us. Some choose simply base on price or proximity, while others intentionally go for big name brands. Is there really a difference between the fuels of each brand?


Shell’s DYNAFLEX technology is their signature formulation for Shell V-Power gasoline and diesel fuels. The DYNAFLEX formulations are designed to maintain and help engine efficiency as the vehicle manufacturers’ recommend. It works by adding powerful cleaning agents to maintain the important fuel system components, such as intake valves and fuel injectors, and protect them from performance decreasing deposits.


Petron’s fuels are produced locally to international standards and formulated for Philippine driving conditions. All of Petron’s fuels are enhanced with their TriAction formula, giving better engine protection, gas mileage, and engine power. This supposedly translates to more efficient engines, cleaner emissions, lower fuel consumption, and lower maintenance costs, providing a smooth and pleasurable drive.

Their flagship fuel, Blaze 100 Euro 6, boasts of being the best gasoline in the country, with the fuel being the only 100 RON available in the market and meets the highest quality international fuel standard, Euro 6. It promises better engine performance after just one tank, and improved fuel economy.

Petron’s other variants of fuel, Petron XCS 95 RON, Petron Xtra Advance 91 RON, and Petron Diesel Max, offer the same TriAction advantages as their flagship fuels, but focus more on fuel economy.


With an international fuel quality standard of Euro 5 across their range of fuels, Unioil demonstrates what consistent quality is.

The Euro 5 Gasoline 91 is formulated with deposit control additives to protect from engine corrosion. Euro 5 Gasoline 95 on the other hand contains friction modifier additives to help lubricate the engine and improve fuel efficiency and power. Euro 5 Gasoline 97 lastly is a high performance gasoline enhanced with multifunctional additives to optimize power.

Formulated with advanced molecular technology and having a low sulfur content of 10 parts per million (ppm), Unioil’s Euro 5 Diesel is one of the most advanced diesel fuels in the country. This technology helps with improved cold start, good foam inhibition, less maintenance, engine performance restoration, and optimum fuel economy.


Techron is Caltex’s signature formulation that has been scientifically tested and proven to significantly clean and protect your engine. This technology helps reduce the amount of deposit formation on key parts of your engine, allowing maximum performance and fuel efficiency. Based on a series of lab tests conducted by Chevron, wear is reduced up to 38% and friction up to 41% compared to rival fuels.

Caltex’s gasoline grades, Silver 91 and Platinum 95, both have all the benefits of the Techron formulation, and are both certified Euro 4.

Caltex's diesel fuel, Power Diesel with Techron D Euro 5, is a high end diesel formula. Proven to restore lost engine power over years of use, this fuel has benefits of cleaning fuel injectors, zero foam accumulation, and zero rust for better protection.

Are they really better?

An extensive study by the American Automobile Association (AAA) in 2016 shows the significant differences between the fuels of leading and lesser known gas stations. After over 6,400 kilometers of simulated driving, results show that fuels of lesser known gas stations produce 19 times more engine deposits than those of the former. Such carbon deposits are the main factors in reducing fuel economy, increasing emissions, and negatively impacting vehicle performance, particularly on modern vehicles. To protect vehicle investments, the AAA strongly suggests to use a fuel that meets stringent international standards for optimum engine performance and cleanliness.


Not all fuels are created equal. While most gasoline stations get their fuel from the same source, their formulations, standards, and quality tests differ exponentially. It pays to select a reputable source of fuel if you are concerned about fuel economy, emissions, and vehicle performance.

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