Check These Items Before Heading Out On a Road Trip

Check These Items Before Heading Out On a Road Trip

Updated on April 19 2024

So you’ve finally gotten your ride. And one of the first things you want to do is go on a road trip. A nice drive to your favorite hideaway to get away from it all. But before you head out, we suggest you check your vehicle to ensure that everything is in working order.

While we’re not necessarily suggesting that you give your vehicle the full service treatment (though this is recommended at least once a year), it would be good to go through these items to make sure that you’ve covered most of the essentials. These include:


Make sure that your vehicle’s battery is properly charged, as well as all connections are secured. If you want, you can have your vehicle’s battery charge tested for added peace of mind.


Make sure that all lights (headlights, turn signal, taillights) are working properly.


Is the engine oil level correct? How is the oil quality?


Check the cooling system to ensure that water and coolant levels are correct. You may also want to inspect the hoses and belts to make sure they’re not cracked or frayed


You might want to check the brake fluid level, as well as pedal pressure. Also check that the brakes bite properly when  the pedal is depressed.


This refers to air in your tires. Fill up or release air accordingly.

Gas (or Diesel)

Top up your fuel tank.


Just make sure that no Check Engine light comes on. You might also want to listen for any weird sounds coming from the engine bay.


Apart from ensuring correct air pressures, do watch out for cracks or flat spots. The last thing you need is a blow out on the open road.


This is arguably the most important factor in the equation. Get enough rest, hydrate, and just enjoy the journey.

Whether you’re heading out for a long road trip or a short drive, always check these items to keep your ride in top shape. And of course, observe health and safety protocols during these interesting times. Keep safe and enjoy the ride, folks!