Deposit Now to Start Buying

Deposit Now to Start Buying

Updated on April 19 2024


Deposit and Refunds


You must deposit P10,000 fully refundable to buy from Automart.Ph. This ensures a great platform for you and everyone else! This is deductible if you win an auction.


Why Deposit?

Bid on any vehicle

Your P10,000 deposit allows you to bid on any car in the system from your phone or desktop, anytime (even future auctions)

Prevent fraud

By requiring a deposit, we are able to eliminate fraudsters, joy-bidders and trolls who may bid up car prices.

Get much lower prices

When we eliminate fraudsters, we ensure that prices are kept as low as possible for genuine bidders like you!

How do i deposit?

BDO acct no: 0020-7801-3264

Name: Qmarketz Corp.

BPI acct no: 4441 0047 67

Name: QMarketz Corp.

EastWest: 2000 2098 2817

Name: Qmarketz Corp.

Give to the Automart Rep at Car lot


1. Deposit to one of our accounts above through your mobile app, desktop or over-the-counter, or in-person at the car lot.

2. Send your deposit confirmation to together with your name, username and email address.

3. We'll activate your account ASAP (within 24), so you can start bidding.

NOTE: please check your SPAM folder occasionally. Our mail may be there! To ensure you get our emails in future, please mark our messages as NOT SPAM. Thanks!

How do i get a refund?

1. Ensure you want and are eligible for a refund

Before requesting a refund, ensure that you really want one. Once refunded, you can't bid on future auctions.

You can only get a refund if you have no winning or won auctions pending.

2.   Email

Please email us indicating that you'd like a refund. Please tell us  your name, username and email address.

Let us know also  your BDO, BPI or GCash  account number. We may also send you a check if you do not have any of the three.

3.   Receive your money

We'll send you back your deposit through the account you've nominated. 

Please allow up to 7 days for us to process your request, but we'll try to do it as soon as possible.

As you can see, depositing and getting that deposit back, is a very easy process. Depositing allows you to bid on and win any of the great used or repossessed cars that Automart.Ph has in its inventory. Hurry, deposit now and be able to win a vehicle! When you're done, go to and bid!

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