Discover a Greener Drive with Electric and Hybrid Cars at

Discover a Greener Drive with Electric and Hybrid Cars

Updated on June 20 2024

Are you considering a shift towards eco-friendly driving in the Philippines? Well, there is a green revolution happening in the car industry of the country. This shift is the conversion to electric and hybrid vehicles that is not just a trend among the car industry, but a movement that is being initiated and supported by the national government. Here at, we have done the research to help you understand this movement better.

Understanding Electric and Hybrid Car Types

1. Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

Pure electric power with zero emissions. BEVs are perfect for eco-conscious individuals looking to completely eliminate their carbon footprint.

2. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)

Enjoy versatility! PHEVs combine battery power with a gasoline engine. Charge at home or on the go, and when needed, rely on gas for extended journeys.

3. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs)

HEVs strike a balance between battery and gasoline power. While the battery isn’t charged externally, it regains power through the engine and regenerative braking, ensuring efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Why Choose Electric and Hybrid Cars in the Philippines?

1. Environmental Prowess

By embracing electric or hybrid vehicles, you actively contribute to reducing air pollution in our bustling cities. With zero or low emissions, these cars help in preserving our beautiful Philippine environment.

2. Economic Benefits

Experience significant savings on fuel costs! Electric and hybrid cars are incredibly efficient, ensuring your wallet stays fuller for longer journeys, making them a financially ideal choice.

3. Climate Consciousness

By adopting electric or hybrid cars, you directly participate in reducing the country’s carbon footprint. Every kilometer driven in an eco-friendly vehicle counts toward a sustainable future.

4. Government Support

The Philippine government is actively encouraging eco-friendly driving. Enjoy enticing incentives such as tax exemptions, priority parking, and even coding exemptions, making your switch even more appealing.

Department of Energy Philippines' (DOE) official recognized list of Electric Vehicles (as of October 1, 2023)

List of DOE recognized EVs

Image source: Department of Energy Philippines

The Ownership Experience with Electric and Hybrid Vehicles in the Philippines

1. Charging Ease

While charging stations are growing across the nation, you can find an increasing number of accessible public and private charging points, ensuring convenient recharging wherever your journey takes you. Most charging locations are located at most SM malls, certain Unioil gas stations, and even at Medical City Ortigas.

2. Budget-Friendly Maintenance

Worried about high maintenance costs? Don’t be! Electric and hybrid vehicles come with lower maintenance expenses, allowing you to enjoy both a smooth ride and savings in your pocket.

3. Enhanced Driving Pleasure

Experience the joy of driving a quieter, smoother, and more responsive vehicle. Electric and hybrid cars redefine your driving experience, making every trip delightful.

The shift towards electric and hybrid vehicles in the Philippines embodies a profound commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future. The experience of owning an electric or hybrid vehicle is becoming increasingly convenient with growing charging infrastructure and reduced maintenance costs. It's not merely a choice of transportation; it's a conscious effort to create a healthier, more eco-conscious society. By embracing these technologies, we redefine our approach to mobility, sustainability, and responsibility for the environment.