Online, Contactless Car Buying for ECQ

Online, Contactless Car Buying for ECQ

How can I Buy a Car During the ECQ, GCQ or Quarantine?

For many reasons - maybe you're a doctor, nurse, police officer or otherwise a frontliner who needs more mobility now more than ever - you may need a car during the quarantine period. Maybe you have family members you need to ferry to and from the hospital or elsewhere. Bottom line is that for many people, it became more important to buy a car especially during quarantine while the COVID-19 virus is still present in our country. If you're one of those people, where would you get a car? We have the answer.

Automart.Ph sells used and second-hand cars fully online, contactless and hassle-free, even during Quarantine

Ever since the ECQ started - ok, technically, since Automart.Ph started operations started - we've always allowed people to buy cars completely online. Even when social distancing wasn't the norm, we've sold cars completely online. The OFWs, balikbayans and very busy buyers have always appreciated our sales advisers telling them about the "honest issues" of cars, so they didn't have to inspect themselves.

When the pandemic started, we've kicked it up a few notches where we even allowed e-signatures for deeds of absolute sale and gate passes - all completely online.

Where Can I buy A Car during Quarantine?

Automart Novaliches and Automart Panabo are now operational so you can buy cars and pull them out immediately. Automart Las Pinas and Paranaque have units displayed on our website; however, pullout of these units shall only be one week after the lifting of ECQ. As such, if you really need a car immediately, we suggest buying from either Novaliches, Quezon City or Panabo, Davao Del Norte.

Why is completely online car buying and car selling important? Who has benefited?

Well - our frontliners have benefited a lot. We've sold cars to doctors, police personnel and barangay officials - all completely online, and with frontliner discounts. See an honest testimonials and photos from our doctors, barangay officials and police officers who bought from us despite the quarantine:

I'm a physician and my car got caught up during the quarantine. This guy, Rodolfo aka "Od" from automart had been so responsive and caring I was able to get my car out of the warehouse. I really needed mode of transportation you see especially during the lockdown because my work is still ongoing. The hospital doesn't close. Thank you Sir Od and to your staff for the assistance!– Dr. Monica
Barangay Official with his Newly Acquired L300

Is this amazing? Are we heroic? Not in the least. But we are able to help the frontliners do their jobs more safely, and we're able to help them with mobility.

We're able to help the heroes become heroes. Good enough for us.

So How Can YOU Buy a Used Car During this Quarantine?

We've made it very, very simple. Our process is already automatically safe, online and contactless. Visit this link to learn more:

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