How to Spend Your 13th Month Wisely?

How to Spend Your 13th Month Wisely?

Updated on February 25 2024

By: Careen L. Malahay, for

So, your 13th month is just a few months away. Do you have plans for it yet? If not, listed down three useful tips on how you can spend your 13th month wisely.

Settle Your Debts

Don’t get too excited and go shopping in the mall once you get your 13th month. Instead, check your outstanding balance from your credit card or other financial companies and settle them. If you don’t want to pay everything all at once, consider paying off the highest amount then, proceed to the lower ones after. This way, you can embrace the holidays without debts.  

Secure Your Future

Another useful tip on how to spend your 13th month wisely is to prepare for your future. For instance, start building your savings or buy an insurance policy from a reliable company like  There are a variety of options in the market so you can have your pick from any of them. Just do your research before your purchase to help you identify the right policy and coverage for you and your family.

Get A Car  

Reward yourself for working so hard this year by purchasing a new vehicle. Compared to gadgets that usually lose their value easily, you can use your car for a long period. It will take you to places easier and comfortably. Plus, you can share the ride with your loved ones for that amazing weekend getaway. However, in case your budget is only limited, consider buying a repossessed car from instead of looking for a brand-new model. Choose from a wide variety of family cars, SUVs, pickups, and other types of vehicles at an affordable price. And hey! You can pay via installment if your cash is not enough. You can even get amazing discounts when you get the automobile in the sale!        

Yes, receiving extra money is very exciting especially after the whole world had been wiped out by Covid 19. There are so many things that you can do with it. But don’t let the holiday season overwhelm you. Rather, use your money smartly by following the above-mentioned tips on how to spend your 13th month wisely. By doing this, you are certain that the extra cash you have will not go to waste.  
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