I Lost My License, Now What?

I Lost My License, Now What?

Updated on September 23 2023

A lost license can bring a lot of hassle. If you get apprehended while driving, you could be fined P3,000 for driving without a license, based on LTO fines and penalties. Without a driver’s license, you won’t be able to drive around the country until you get one. A driver’s license is also a valid government ID. Wondering what to do if you lost your license? Sit back and relax because in this article, we will guide you on the steps you need to take to replace your lost license.

Secure An Affidavit of Loss

Before everything else, you need to get an affidavit of loss from a notary public or attorney-at-law. You will need to pay P100 - P250 for it. Bring a valid ID as proof of identity. In the affidavit of loss, you will explain the circumstances associated with the loss. As such, you need to remember when you lost your license as well as the place as it will be indicated in the affidavit. Have it notarized. Keep in mind that the address in your document should be the same with what is indicated on your lost license or else you will have an issue with verification.

Go To The Nearest LTO Branch

With the affidavit of loss in hand, head over to the nearest LTO branch. Your first instinct would be to go one of LTO’s Driver’s License Renewal Center (DLRC) where its not so crowded. However, licensed replacements will not be processed there. You have to go a non-DLRC branch when applying for a replacement license.

Fill-Up Forms

Proceed to the Public Assistance and Complaints Desk and submit your affidavit and valid ID. the clerk at the table will give you a form for you to fill out. Once done, submit to Window 2 (Student Permit/Driver’s’ License Evaluator) for verification. Wait for your name to be called.

Pay The Necessary Fees

Next proceed to Window 1 where you will receive a piece of paper indicating the amount you need to pay. No need to have your photo retaken and for a new signature as they already have it in their database. If you want to change your photo or address, you will have to undergo a different process and pay additional fees.

Proceed to Window 5 for the payment of replacement fee. The fee for the replacement license is P472.63.

Get Your New License

Wait for your name to be called at Windows 6 for releasing of your new license. If not available in the LTO branch, just follow the instructions from the clerk in Window 6. The good news is that the validity of your new license will be the same as the license you lost.

The whole process of replacement will take around 30 minutes to 5 hours depending on how crowded the LTO branch is. That’s how simple the process for applying for a replacement license is.

Additional Reminders:

If the lost license is already up for renewal, you will need to provide a medical examination certificate. If it is delinquent, you need to undergo the required examinations first. A delinquent license means that the driver has one or more traffic violations in his/her record.

Although applying for a replacement license is that simple, it would be less of a hassle if you will keep your license intact. It can be tempting to still drive your vehicle even without a license but it is best not to attempt it. Aside from additional penalties, you may also lose your driving privilege. Once you lose your license, apply for a replacement as soon as possible.