What's the diff? Old vs. new Nissan Almera compared

What's the diff? Old vs. new Nissan Almera compared

Updated on June 23 2024

Nissan can usually be described as a bit on the conservative side, especially when it comes to styling. However, their last few new launches prove that they're shedding that image. Their designs are much more daring and bolder compared to before. The recently-launched 2022 Almera is no exception to that trend.

The all-new Almera is such a revolutionary update that it presents a huge leap forward. Compared to the outgoing model, it looks sharper, too. But how much did Nissan change their subcompact sedan? Let's look at the details.

How big is the all-new Nissan Almera?

From the outside, the 2022 Nissan Almera looks much larger than the outgoing generation. That's helped in part by its sleeker, sharper styling. But is it really that much bigger than before? Let's compare the numbers.

The previous Nissan Almera was 4,425 mm long, 1,696 mm wide, and 1,505 mm tall. It also had a wheelbase of 2,600 mm. The all-new model is much larger than before, becoming nearly the segment's largest. Higher-spec models with special bumpers measure 4,530 mm long, nearly putting it one size class higher. The width is up at 1,740 mm, the wheelbase has been stretched to 2,620 mm, while height is reduced to 1,460 mm.

Other stats? Trunk volume is 474 liters, ground clearance is 135 mm, and fuel tank capacity is 35 liters.

What are the standard features of the Almera?

The base EL caters to the fleet market, so it isn't fitted with a lot of features. However, it does come with stability control as standard, which should give it safer and more secure handling. It even has automatic climate control, which should make Nissan's cool air-conditioning system even more effective. Move up to the mid and high-spec versions and you get a whole lot more.

VE and VL N-Sport editions have LED headlights with daytime running lights as standard. Both also have a smart key and a push to start button, along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Not only that, the VE and VL N-Sport also have automatic emergency braking, 360-degree view cameras, and forward collision warning. The VL N-Sport adds four extra airbags, rear cross traffic alert, and blind spot warning.

In contrast, the outgoing model had a just a pair of airbags, anti-lock brakes, and optional reverse sensors. The all-new Almera really stepped up in safety.

How much power does the Almera's turbo make?

Everyone was excited to find out that the 2022 Almera has turbo power across the range. But how much more power does the 1.0-liter, turbocharged inline-three engine really make? Compared to the old 1.5-liter, horsepower is just up by 1 from 99 hp to 100 hp. It might not be much but the turbo benefits from much more torque. From 134 Nm, the extra boost bumps that figure up to 152 Nm of torque. That number is even higher if you go for the five-speed manual. Whereas the CVT (continuously variable transmission) models have 152 Nm, the manuals bump that up to 160 Nm.

How much more expensive is the 2022 Almera?

With all those advances and standard equipment, the 2022 Almera is much more expensive than before. But by how much more, you ask? Let's compare the 2021 prices with the 2022 SRP.


1.2L M/T: PHP 657,000

1.5L E M/T: PHP 735,000

1.5L N-Sport M/T: PHP 735,000

1.5L E A/T: PHP 824,000

1.5L N-Sport A/T: PHP 890,000

1.5L VL A/T: PHP 933,000


Almera EL M/T: PHP 728,000 (+ PHP 71,000)

Almera VE M/T: PHP 938,000 (+ PHP 203,000)

Almera VE CVT: PHP 998,000 (+ PHP 174,000)

Almera VL N-Sport CVT: PHP 1,098,000 (+ PHP 165,000)

As you can see, prices for the new equivalent models have shot up significantly. At the very least, it's still over PHP 70,000 more than before. But the sticker shock is in the mid-spec, manual transmission model that's just over PHP 200,000 more expensive. However, you should take into account how much more features the new model has and how comprehensive this redesign is from bumper to bumper.

So, is it worth it? That all depends on you. However, if the price jump is a little too much for you, you can do one of two things. You can check out our inventory of used Nissan Almeras on our site right now, or wait a few years before these inevitable end up in our stocks. But either way, the second-generation Almera in the Philippines looks very promising, indeed.