Pros and Cons of Buying a Compact Car in 2022

Pros and Cons of Buying a Compact Car in 2022

Updated on June 22 2024

Are you thinking of getting a reliable vehicle that can take you anywhere? Why not consider buying a compact car? This type of vehicle provides certain perks that you cannot find in bigger automobiles. However, it also has its own cons. To help you understand those things better, we will discuss some essential information about this auto, along with the advantages and disadvantages of buying one.  Aside from that, we also included some useful tips that can help your car shopping escapade easier and hopefully, a fun experience too. Are you ready? Let’s hop right in this topic!

What is a compact car?

By definition, a compact car is a type of vehicle that is famous for carrying a small number of passengers in smooth roads. Its interior usually measures around 100- 109 cubic feet, which is smaller than a typical Sedan or SUV. Some of the most popular models in this segment are the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, and other similar autos from other manufacturers.

What  are the differences between the compact and sub-compact cars?

While shopping around for your next travel buddy, you will most likely see smaller vehicles that are not classified as compact cars. Despite its small form factor, those vehicles are actually called sub-compact cars.  Autos like the 1993 Honda Fit has similar aesthetics with the Honda Civic Hatch, minus the extra leg room that the former offers. Additionally, compact cars have more trunk space, more head room for taller adults, and bigger space for passengers. Those things make a compact car a bit roomy in comparison with the sub-compact vehicles.

What are the pros of a compact car?

If you wanted to pursue buying a compact car, here are the benefits that you can expect from this type of automobile:

Fuel efficient compared to larger vehicles  

Since a compact car has a small body, its engine does not require too much power to perform its tasks. It has a lesser mileage per gallon or liter compared to bigger automobiles. This means that  You can drive in longer distance without worrying of paying more gas in the next station. Thus, this ride  is perfect for car buyers who wanted a good automobile while enjoying some savings in their gas consumption.

Smaller parking space requirement

Wherever you go, you will not have a difficult time finding vacancies  in the parking lot. Even in packed grocery stores, restaurants or special gatherings in a friend’s house, a small slot will be enough for your travel buddy.  This is also a leverage if you do not have a large room for a car in your garage. It is not necessary to spend money for additional space since you can easily park a compact car anywhere.


In terms of price tag, a compact car is one of the cheapest in the market. You can buy one for less than 700, ,000 pesos, brand new. . If you opted to save more cash, you can get something lesser for a repo car. For example,Automart.Ph offers compact cars for less than 500,000! It can even go down if you decide to pay with cash instead of purchasing through car financing in banks or credit unions.

Less maintenance works

If you are a busy person who needs to go from one place to another for client meetings on a daily basis, a compact car may be right for you. Compared to other bigger vehicles, this automobile does not require a lot of maintenance work, as long as you use it in smooth roads. Additionally, compact cars have less complicated engines, allowing you to drive frequently without worrying too much of damaging the engine. As a result, you can focus more on other important things than frequently go to a mechanic to fix your vehicle.

Easy to reach things

If you are driving and needs to get something at the backseat, you don’t have to ask someone to pull it for you. Reaching for your bags and other essentials will be easier with a compact car, thanks to its small space. So even in the middle of a traffic, grabbing your wallet or water bottle is easier than ever.

What are the cons of buying a compact car?

While it is true that a compact car gives amazing benefits, there are also disadvantages of choosing this type of vehicle. Take into consideration the following things before you decide to get one. By doing this, you can manage your expectations beforehand and avoid regrets in case you find something that you do not like in the future.

Not suitable for bigger groups

As the name suggests, a compact car is small enough for bigger groups of passengers. This means that the automobile can only accommodate a certain number of adults in the backseat. So, if you have a large family or you are planning to go on long distance travels with your friends constantly, you might consider looking for other automobiles that can provide more leg room and additional space for cargo. One example is an SUV, which offers a seating capacity of 6 to 9 people, depending on the model that you are getting. This will be enough to bring along your loved ones for a weekend getaway, without sacrificing your comfort during the entire trip.

Not convenient to drive with larger cars

Because of its small frame, a compact car looks tiny in the road compared to the larger trucks or vans. This can be a problem if you are traveling in the city, where a lot of people are always in the rush to go home or get in their desired locations faster. Some drivers might not  see your car easily, causing them to bump in your side or back, to steer clear of  this incident, avoid driving in close distance with other automobiles. This way, you can put enough space to protect yourself from getting hit by other motorists. Or better yet, look for other types of vehicles if you are not at ease with this one.

Not suitable for high-speed  driving

If you wanted to have a high performing car that can fly like an eagle in the highway, do not buy a compact economy car. For one, this vehicle is not designed to run like what some premium cars can do.. Rather, it is created for buyers who wanted a reliable mode of transportation, in a normal speed. Driving your auto in high speed will eventually hurt its sensitive parts and cause damage in the engine overtime. As a result, you will pay for repair cost or in worst case scenario, replace it with another vehicle instead.

Not suitable for bad weather conditions

For a typhoon prone country like the Philippines, it is not a secret that a lot of places constantly suffer from high waters after several days of flood. This one can be a concern if you live in one of those areas. A compact car has low ground clearance, which is not suitable for driving around floody neighboorhoods. Submerging your vehicle in bad weather conditions will just damage the engine and under-chassis. If you really wanted to have a reliable car for various seasons, go for the bigger vehicles like the SUV instead. This type of automobile  has a more powerful engine and larger body, perfect for a harsher  weather condition you are driving  in.

Not suitable for taller people

Although modern compact cars are more spacious compared to the older models, the head room may not be enough for taller men. This can be a pain especially if you are in a hurry to get inside or go out. To avoid this, choose another vehicle that will not feel cramped at all. You can also test drive the cars that you are eyeing for before making the big purchase. Check if you are comfortable enough to stand or drive, along with your passengers. If you like it, go for the purchase. If not, look around for potential candidates until you find the right car. Remember, a great auto does not only look good aesthetically but, it should also give comfort and ease of driving to you.

With the rising cases of people getting sick all over the world because of Covid,  the demand of cars also increases. For one, it is safer to commute using your own automobile  compared to riding in public transportation vehicles like jeepneys or  buses. This allows you to avoid close contact with other people, who might be infected with the virus. Aside from that, it is not a secret that having a car provides great convenience in terms of going to different places. You can easily drive  anywhere without the hassle of  waiting for vacant seats in taxis or  squeezing yourself in packed trains. On the other hand, buying your own car is not an easy task. There are a lot of automobiles like the compact cars, equipped with amazing features that might fascinate you. It can be confusing to pick the best one. But, if you weigh things carefully and think about the pros and cons before making that big purchase, you can certainly enjoy the perks more than the cons.

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