Road courtesy for pedestrians and drivers

Road courtesy for pedestrians and drivers

Updated on April 18 2024

By Careen Malahay, for Automart.PH

CEBU CITY, – Now that things are getting back to normal after COVID-19 swept the whole world, more people are freely going to work and school.

This is good news, especially for the economy of the Philippines and the mental health of Filipinos.

However, are you ready to share the road with other people? Do you still know proper road courtesy?

To help you, listed below are useful tips for both drivers and pedestrians.

For Drivers

Check your car before driving

This will give you time to fix any troubles and ensure that the vehicle is functioning well. Remember, the worst thing that can happen to you is to get stranded in the busy streets during rush hours.

Give appropriate signals to other drivers

It is important to let other motorists know your intention to stop, pass, turn left or right, or slow down.

Obey the traffic rules

This will not only keep you away from receiving ticket violations. It can also save your life from a potential car crash.

Park properly

When parking, look for open spaces and make sure that the spot can accommodate the size of your car. Also, don’t forget to give priority to those who arrived first.

Help other drivers

As much as possible, try to assist those who are experiencing vehicle problems on the road, especially if the car is already causing traffic or distraction.

Avoid arguing with other drivers

For instance, if they want to overtake, just let them pass peacefully. Arguing will only increase your stress, so it is better to get rid of these instances.

Treat everyone respectfully

Motorcyclists, bicyclists and other road users should be treated with respect. So, don’t go in bicycle lanes, accelerate suddenly whenever they pass by and overtake intentionally just to annoy them.

Don’t smoke inside the car

Smoking is inappropriate, especially for taxi drivers. Doing so will not only raise negative vibes from your passengers, but it will also cause health problems for you in the future.

Don’t slam the brakes

It can freak out your passengers and increase the risk of a rear-end collision.

Be patient

Heavy traffic is already common in the Philippines, so just deal with it. Cursing or arguing to other drivers will only lead to bad mood throughout the day.          

For Pedestrians

Hold your children tightly

Kids are very playful and curious. However, this can potentially lead to danger if left unattended.

So, make sure to watch over your toddlers whenever you are crossing the streets. Furthermore, don’t let them walk around without an adult so that they don’t get hit by a passing vehicle.

Avoid texting

Don’t use your smartphone while walking on the road. Doing so can distract you from going in the right direction.

Aside from that, you become “eye candy” for snatchers, so it is better to keep your device safe in your bag until you arrive at home or in the office.

Give way for the elderly

Whenever you see a passing senior citizen, don’t block his or her way. If possible, help him or her cross the road until he or she arrives in the next street safely.

Use the designated pedestrian lane

These areas are safer for pedestrians, so make the most out of it to stay safe while walking.

Avoid walking in dark areas at night

As much as possible, do not walk in areas without proper street lighting. Remember, criminals can hide there, so it is important to keep away from those places all the time.

Follow traffic lights

Just like drivers, pedestrians like you should also watch out for traffic rules. Only cross the street when the lights turn green.

Never assume that drivers can see you

Although cars look bigger than humans, there are instances that drivers cannot see pedestrians, especially if they are backing out from the parking lot. Therefore, make sure to stay away from blind spots.

Take extra precaution

Wherever you are, don’t treat the streets like your own home. Instead, be alert and watch out for potential dangers.

By following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to share the road safely, both for drivers and other pedestrians.