Safety tips for solo women  travelers in the Philippines

Safety tips for solo women travelers in the Philippines

Updated on June 21 2024

Do you want to take a breath from all the stress that you get from work, family, and everything that you can see both on TV and social media? Why not consider traveling anywhere in the Philippines this year?

First of all, visiting new places will help improve your mood. You can go to various tourist destinations and other hidden gems that are not yet discovered by other travelers. Thus, allowing you to relax from all the negative things around you. Second, traveling can help you try new things, even those that you don’t think possible. For instance, surfing may look difficult at a glance but, you might enjoy playing with the waves as you navigate the ocean.

You can also try eating exotic food from local cuisine that you can find along the way. And third, which is the most important reason of all, traveling is a great gift that you can give to yourself. Remember, you have worked hard last year despite the challenges caused by the global pandemic. A few days off from work is the last thing that you can do to relax and have fun.

And if you are a woman who wants more adventure, you can even go for solo travel. But before you get excited with this idea and start packing your things, take note of the following safety tips for solo women travelers in the Philippines. These recommendations will surely make your trip memorable and less hassle. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Do your research

Choose a specific destination that you wanted to visit then, read maps and other important information about the area before your trip. Find out which neighborhoods are prone to crimes and accidents so you can avoid them. Additionally, take note of emergency numbers that you can use when an unforeseen incident takes place. This includes contact numbers of the nearest barangay hall, police station, hospital, and fire department. Knowing these essential details will help you navigate safer areas while avoiding those with a high crime rate.

Tell your loved ones about your trip

Let your family members and peers know where you are going, along with your planned itinerary. You can also include the contact numbers of the hotel you are staying at and other important things that you want to do in your trip as a solo traveler. This way, they can easily reach your destination in case something bad happens or, they cannot call your mobile phone due to the absence of a cellular signal in your location.

Bring SMS phones

Yes, keypad phones are not comparable with the convenience of having smartphones these days. However, a solo woman traveler will surely benefit from this old-school gadget, especially when you came from places that do not have cellular reception yet. So, get one before your travel day and insert a prepaid sim with an ample amount of call and text credits. Who knows? You might need that emergency call to someone you cannot reach via mobile apps.

Stash enough food

If you are planning to have a long, distance trip with your favorite motorcycle, having enough food is very important to keep you going on that journey. First of all, you may come to secluded areas that do not have convenience stores. Second, not all hotels provide free meals to their visitors. And third, this may come in handy if you have a sensitive stomach. When this happens to you as a solo woman traveler, you can easily grab your bag and eat, even in the middle of nowhere.

Use a dependable motorcycle

A long-distance trip is not a joke especially for a solo woman traveler like you. You need to use a reliable motorbike to avoid being stranded in an unknown place. This is fairly troublesome especially if you are not acquainted with car tools and using them to fix your vehicle. With that said, have your bike checked by a skilled mechanic before you hit the road. Make sure that everything is functioning well and the engine is in good condition.

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Being a solo woman traveler in the Philippines is indeed a fun experience. However, always remember to take extra precautions in your trip to ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation.