Updated on June 08 2024

We ride cars for convenience, performance and safety. Bukod sa joy ride, alin kaya sa mga kotse ang swak sa ride? Ating suriin ito kasama si Ric Lazo ng Automart.

Nothing beats the pleasure of driving your own car. Sedan is the most typical ride as comfort is there, making your journey enjoyable. It’s the most popular body style for most people, with a three-box design for the engine, passenger, and trunk, which are separately attached. Sedans are four doors with two rows of seats plus a roomy interior. There are some types of sedans that suit your needs like compact, luxury, midsize, or sport cars.

Comfortable for all passengers and drivers, here are some ideal sedans worth to own for every buyer:

  1. Toyota Vios (759,000-1.1 M). Toyota is reputable in the industry, and widely preferred worldwide. Vios 2022 is a 5-seater, available in 3 colors, 10 variants, and 2 transmissions (MT and CVT). Reviewed to have good mileage and engine performance. In fact, Vios dominated the Philippine automotive market in 2021, with the most impressive standard safety features with more airbags, making it the best-selling car at a reasonable price.  
  2. Honda Civic (1.3M-1,7M).  A redesigned 2022 model with modern tech features and a more entertaining infotainment system, the Civic gained prominence as the best compact sedan and remained very competitive in its class. It too has the lowest long-term cost of ownership among compact cars with spacious interior and sensible ergonomics plus a new dashboard layout.
  3. Honda City (938k-1.08M). A 5-seater available in 6 colors, 3 variants, 1 engine and CVT in the Philippines. It carries the basic car features, good mileage and strong engine performance for long journeys. A comfortable, smooth, and safe ride that’s stylish and reliable with low maintenance. Arguably one of the best vehicles around in its sixth generation and remained as one Japanese best-selling model in its class.
  4. Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class (starts at 1.9M). Mercedes-Benz calls it a coupe, MB CLA is an ideal luxury small car being the best subcompact, equipped with new intuitive infotainment system, high class cabin, solid handling, and upscale design. The original CLA was sold as the most affordable Mercedes, that's exactly the brand. The second-generation model may still be small but deserving of adulation at a three-point star.
  5. Kia Rio.  (920,000-985,000). A subcompact sedan is rather low in the automotive industry; but, the modest budget for Rio won’t disappoint you. It’s better than expected; it has fuel efficiency, solid ride quality and strong features with substantial appearance inside out offered with a five-door hatchback.  It impresses the subcompact category as power delivery is smooth with good suspension that prevents jolting on the road.

You can own any of them if you want. Think big! There are used or repossessed cars in the second market at low prices. Shop wisely. Kung sedan ang hanap mo na pasok sa budget, makakapili ka pa ng swak na swak para sa’yo. Tara, I Automart nayan!

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