What Are These Buttons On The Panel And How / When To Use Them.

What Are These Buttons On The Panel And How / When To Use Them.

Updated on June 21 2024

By Melvin Magadia for Automart.PH

Our car’s dashboard has changed over the years. From simple controls and instruments indicating the vehicle's speed, oil pressure, and fuel level, the modern dashboard now includes climate control, entertainment systems, and other information. Aside from that, the dashboard also includes various warning indicators for the driver to help them take the appropriate steps in a crisis.

Have you ever wondered what the buttons on your car dashboard mean, and do you know how to use them? Well, worry no more because this article will help you learn what they are and when to use them.

Cruise Control

This button ensures that your vehicle is running at a constant speed without having to step on the accelerator. The cruise control button comes in handy on the motorway or open road to allow your foot to rest and keep you below the speed limit.  The simplest button feature includes set, resume, and off/on. It also has advanced functions that allow you to nudge the speed up or down one kilometer an hour or several kilometers per hour at a time.

Fog Lights

Low-lying clouds or mists can reduce fog to less than 1 kilometer. However, thick fog can reduce visibility to just a few meters. To remedy the situation, you can switch on your fog lights to make it easier for you to easily see the road ahead. Fog lights are located at the back and in front, mounted low in the bumper creating a wide flat beam that does not reflect back off the fog.

Collision Warning and Automatic Braking

Collision warning uses cameras or sensors to detect if you are approaching a vehicle ahead at a great speed. Most systems use audible and visual alerts. A collision warning allows ample time for you to slow down before the collision. An automatic braking system (ABS), on the other hand, does the braking for you if it detects an impending collision.

These are just some buttons you can find on your car’s dashboard panel. They are not there just for decoration but to ensure the drivability of your vehicle as well as your safety and that of your passengers.

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