What can we expect from the Philippine-spec 2022 Nissan Terra?

What can we expect from the Philippine-spec 2022 Nissan Terra?

Updated on July 12 2024

A few days ago, Nissan launched a teaser website that previewed the 2022 Terra. There isn't much information about the new SUV just yet on the manufacturer site, but at least those interested in it can register for a test drive. So, are you curious on how it might be like once it's launched? Here are a few things to expect.

AKA, the X-Terra

The upcoming Terra was actually released a few months ago in the Middle East. However, it was launched over there with a different name: the X-Terra. If you're familiar with North American Nissan models from the early '00s, you'll know that the X-Terra isn't a totally new product. Even the formula for the modern X-Terra is the same as the previous version: An SUV based on the chassis of the Frontier/Navara series.

As for its looks, we're expecting it to be a lot like the one roaming the streets and deserts of the Middle East. That means it gets a totally redesigned front and and extensive changes to the rear as well.

New interior

The outgoing Terra has an interior that is (mostly) copy-pasted from the Navara. It would have been fine a few years ago but the SUV game has changed in just a few years. People expect a more premium feel from these SUVs, and the current version's hard plastic dash and door panels won't cut it anymore.

This is why we're expecting the 2022 version to have the same cabin design as the version sold in the Middle East. It's a far cry from the ones in dealerships right now. It's no longer exactly like the Navara's panel. Instead, it now has a unique design that looks far more upmarket.

More features

Nissan is proud of their Intelligent Mobility safety suite. Which is why you can bet that upgraded active safety features will be part of the changes for the 2022 Terra. At the very least, it will match some of the features found in its high-spec competitors, namely the Toyota Fortuner LTD 4x4 and Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT 4WD.

Same engine?

When it comes to SUVs, diesel power is king in the Philippines. This is why there is no doubt there will be a turbodiesel under the hood of the 2022 Terra. However, what kind of diesel will power this SUV? There are two possible options.

This updated version might use the 2.5-liter engine found in the current model. It makes 190 HP and 450 Nm of torque, about on par with most of its competitors. However, it might also come with a 2.3-liter, twin-turbocharged diesel instead. Curiously, that engine also makes 190 PS and 450 Nm of torque. With that in mind, it's likely that the Philippine version will use the single turbo 2.5-liter engine.

What we want changed

Nissan was rather late to the midsize SUV race when they launched the Terra in 2018. By that time, the Fortuner, Montero Sport, and Mu-X had established themselves in the local market. But that didn't stop the Terra from becoming a success for the brand. It is now one of Nissan Philippines' best-sellers.

Of course, it could do with a few improvements. For example, its diesel could be a little quieter and use more sound insulation around the engine bay. Refinement could also be better, and Nissan has to reduce the vibrations seeping into the cabin if they want to market the Terra as a more upmarket SUV. Last but not least, we would love to see disc brakes at the back of the 2022 model.

When is it coming?

For now, Nissan Philippines has not announced a launch date for the 2022 Terra. However, you can expect it to come out in a few weeks or a few months. Either way, it won't be a long wait. However, you can expect prices to go up across the range.

With that in mind, perhaps you can consider the current model if you can't wait too long. From time to time, a wave of quality used Terra models come across our nationwide stockyards. If you're interested, check out what we have in store at the moment or revisit it every so often to see new arrivals. That way, you might just bag a bargain Terra for a price you wouldn't expect.