About Us

Automart is your trusted online car auction site. We’re a platform that - by definition - ensures that both buyers and sellers get the best possible price for their vehicle.  


Digging a bit deeper, we see ourselves as helping Filipinos bid and win their dream vehicle. And that’s important. Most Filipinos consider vehicle ownership highly important - even more important that owning a house.


Achieving that dream isn’t always easy though - the car market is not easy to navigate for occasional buyers. Brand new vehicles are out of the question for some due to expense, and many people are afraid of buying used.


Perhaps the biggest problem is information - or the lack thereof. Particularly for the second-hand car market, buyers won’t know the real condition of the car, and so believe that if they buy used, they’ll be buying headaches. Horror stories about a few less-than-honest sellers don’t help either.

With Automart, we want to lessen those overpricing fears by providing honest, third-party vehicle inspections. Cars sold in Automart.Ph will have a numerical grade and an easy-to-understand condition report so buyers can buy with confidence, knowing the actual condition of the car. We won’t promise you that cars bought from Automart will always be in perfect condition, but we’ll be honest about its condition, so you can make informed pricing and bidding decisions.

We know it’s a pretty big shift from the way cars have been bought and sold in the Philippines, and we’re young and new - but we’re committed to providing great prices, great service to both car buyers and sellers.


And we’re just getting started. Hold on to your horsepowers.


About our founder

Poch Ceballos helped grow the businesses of Uber, Grab and Traveloka in the Philippines. He was most recently Traveloka’s first Philippine country manager before founding Automart, after having seen the need in the used car market. He has also worked with P&G, Worldwide Fund for Nature, Crane Co and Food Innove Corp (his own company).

His undergrad degree is from University of the Philippines where he graduated magna cum laude, and his MBA is from Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia.

He is continuously thinking of innovative ways to improve businesses here in the Philippines. He often does this while scuba diving and playing capoeira.