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BPI Repossessed Cars For Sale

Below is the inventory of BPI Used Cars and Repossessed Cars. Automart.Ph is now an official BPI partner in selling BPI used car listings in the Philippines. This means we offer the lowest prices with no hidden buyer’s premium or any “patong.”  Automart.Ph sells you the same used cars at exactly the same price, with the added online used car shopping convenience with the help of our car advisers.

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BPI is the first bank in Southeast Asia. Established in 1851, it has long embedded itself in Filipino households across the country.  Since its inception, it has fostered client trust, financial strength, and innovation.  

BPI, with its network of over 800 branches across the Philippines, offers a wide array of products and solutions for its clients both personal or corporate, including repossessed car listings.

Automart.Ph is proud to partner with this trusted and reliable financial institution. This partnership aims to offer BPI repossessed cars with no added premium. Automart.Ph pre-owned cars have always been sold at low prices for the benefit of buyers like you. 

5 Advantages of buying BPI Repossessed Cars from Automart.Ph

Having access to the BPI repossessed car list is in itself an added advantage for Automart.Ph car buyers but there are five (5) more.  Check them out.

  1. Convenience -- There’s no need to leave your house--Automart.Ph sells BPI repo cars online.
  2. Risk-Free -- Because you don’t have to leave your home, health or safety risks become less of a concern. Transactions can be done online and payments can be done through online banking or cash transfer.  
  3. Buyer Advocates -- Automart.Ph online advisers are highly capable so they can help narrow down choices based on your requirements and preference. 
  4. Low-Priced Cars -- Automart.Ph does not add any premium to BPI repossessed car pricing.  So it’s just like buying directly from BPI! 
  5. More Cars to Choose From -- You get access to thousands of cars from BPI with different years and models through Automart.Ph

As of this writing, we have BPI used car inventory from at least seven (7) warehouses across the country.  What are you waiting for?  Look around and pick the used car that you like the best--and talk to our advisers so you can check out your chosen car.