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What is Toyota Financial Services?

Toyota Financial Services is the in-house financing and leasing arm of Toyota Motor Philippines. Established in 2002, TFS is part of the global Toyota Financial Services Corporation that operates in 37 countries worldwide. TFS's goal is to support Toyota sales through sales financing and other services and the company is also responsible for selling used and repossessed cars via bidding. Basically, TFS is like Toyota's very own in-house bank, in fact, they have even acquired "quasi-bank" permission from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, allowing them to offer an even wider range of financial services.

TFS Financing for Used and Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Aside from auto loans for brand new units, TFS auto loans are available for repossessed cars, as well as used, pre owned, and Toyota Certified cars being sold under the TCUV program. These enjoy special low financing rates for prospective buyers.

TCUV Cars or Toyota Certified Used Vehicles

The Toyota Certified Used Vehicles program, or TCUV, is the Japanese carmaker's program to reward customer loyalty by buying back units for those looking to upgrade. Toyota owners may trade in or sell their existing Toyota car at the best price possible via TCUV and its transparent inspection process and fair appraisal. TCUV also sells cars that have gone through an in-depth 211 point inspection before being declared as "Toyota Certified." Toyota Certified pre owned cars are recognized by their experts as being a used Toyota of the highest standard. Certified pre-owned Toyota cars also have a 1 year or 20,000km limited warranty for additional peace of mind–the warranty covers the engine and transmission until whichever comes first.

Toyota Financial Services Partnership with Automart.Ph

Toyota Financial Services has partnered with Automart.Ph because of our reputation in providing a great customer experience via our highly trained advisers and fully online selling process. It is now easier to access TFS repossessed cars than ever before, right here on our website. The official partnership also allows us to sell their cars at the lowest price possible, with no additional markup on their prices.

How to Buy Toyota Financial Services Repossessed Cars at Automart.Ph

- Sign up for an account, registration is completely free! - Requests for inspection of units are normally open Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM. Contact at 0927-887-6400, (02) 7905-7940, or email You may also schedule directly from the website. - Deposit fully refundable bid deposit amounting to P10,000 per unit. - Bid on unit(s) before Friday 9AM. You can also “Buy Now” to stop bidding and win the car immediately. - Bid winners will be announced that afternoon. For the bid deposit, the refund will be deposited to the bank account of the bidder, should he/she be no longer interested to bid.

What is the difference between buying at Toyota Financial Services and Automart.Ph?

TFS sells their repossessed cars through the traditional sealed bidding process. This means bids are delivered via physical envelopes with the bid form and personal check inside–sending bids via fax or email is not allowed. The Toyota Financial Services repossessed car warehouses in Cabuyao, Lagauna, Cebu, and Davao may also be too far for buyers to inspect or attend auctions. With Automart.Ph, all the TFS repossessed cars are listed and easily viewable on our website with full photos and details. Bidding can be conveniently done through our online process, from the comfort of your own home. It's definitely easier than the traditional process.

Where does Toyota Financial Services get their Cars?

As the in-house financing service of Toyota Motor Philippines, Toyota Financial Services is responsible for a large amount of auto loans every month. Unfortunately, just like with regular bank loans, buyers may fail to keep up with their regular payments for various reasons. TFS repossesses these cars just like a regular bank, and proceeds to sell them to recover their losses.

Popular Toyota models to consider

With its direct link to Toyota dealers, TFS is one of the best sources if you're looking specifically for a Toyota to go in your garage. Here are the top three most popular Toyota models in the Philippines to consider. 1. Toyota Vios The top-selling car in the Philippine for 2019 is none other than the Toyota Vios. The subcompact sedan is a popular choice for first-time car buyers because of its fuel efficiency, reliability, and wide availability of spare parts. The same qualities also make it one of the top choices for fleet users or TNVS operators. 2. Toyota Innova A workhorse that is often chosen as the family car, the Innova is practical, dependable, and offers the most space this side of a Hiace. The Innova also shares a hightly capable diesel engine with the well-loved SUV below, making it the best of both worlds in many ways–reliability, space, and power. 3. Toyota Fortuner The attainable dream car of many, the Fortuner is an SUV that gives you confidence while driving because of its torquey 2.8-liter diesel engine and solid and stable road going manner. It's ubiquity on the road has not diminshed the fact that it is also a good looking car either.

Is Buying Repossessed Cars Safe?

Buying repossessed cars helps you save a large amount of money by avoiding depreciation and large interest payments. Many repossessed cars are taken within a year or two of purchase, meaning that their odometer reading is often not that high and the unit is in generally fresh condition. There is always the risk of inadequate maintenance on a repossessed car, which is why we always recommend a proper pre-purchase inspection. Toyotas in particular are very reliable cars though and can easily go tens of thousands of kilometers without needing any major service–repossessed Toyota cars are generally safe bets to buy because of the brand's proven longevity. When you shop with us, Automart.Ph advisers will also always be available to make sure you are well informed about any car you wish to purchase.

Helping You Buy

Aside from low prices, we also offer car financing to our customers at a low 30% down payment. A one to three-month waiting period is required by financing for the car to be released.

Where Are Toyota Financial Services Repossessed Cars Located?

Cabuyao, Laguna: Bedek Leasing Corp. Barangay Sala J.P. Rizal, Cabuyao, Laguna Cebu: Warehouse no. 6 Seahawk Business Complex, Pitogo, Consolacion, Cebu Davao: Along Belesario drive , Lanang, Davao City

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