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When it comes to automotive history, there is one pioneering brand that always gets mentioned. That manufacturer is Ford for introducing the assembly line to automobile manufacturing. Founded in 1903, Ford has been in the auto business for well over a century, and has been one of the strongest brands in the world since then. With the way things are going at Ford, we can expect them to hang around for another 100 years or more.

Ford in the Philippines

Because of the American occupation at the dawn of the 20th century, Ford vehicles have been here for nearly as long as the company itself. Local assembly began in late-'60s, rolling out memorable models such as the Escort, Cortina, and Fiera. But the company left the country in 1984 due to the country's economic downturn and political instiability at the time. Ford returned to the Philippines in 1997 with the F-150, E-150, Expedition, and Lincoln Town Car. Local assembly returned in 1999 with the Lynx, Focus, and early generations of the Ranger rolling out of the Santa Rosa, Laguna plant. Ford ceased local production in 2012 but dealership reach grew since.

What are the Ford models sold in the Philippines?

Ford Philippines currently has seven models available in local showrooms. Most of the hatchbacks and sedans have been discontinued to focus on higher-riding vehicles. The least expensive Ford here is the EcoSport subcompact crossover. But for those who need something a little bit bigger, there's also the Territory. Moving on to the truck-based vehicles, Ford Philippines currently have four. It kicks off with the popular Ranger, which has been the company's best-seller here for several years now. Up next is the Everest, another top-seller for the automaker and their entry for the fiercly competitive mid-size SUV class. For those who need to haul people and cargo at the same time, Ford Philippines also offers the high-roof version of the Transit. And, of course, the Expedition still serves as the company's flagship SUV. The F-150 was recently discontinued here, but the all-new model is expected soon. But it's not all about crossovers, trucks, and SUVs, though. Ford still has one car on offer in the country. Since Ford stopped selling the Fiesta and Focus here, the sole car left in the local line-up is the Mustang.

What are the popular Ford models in the Philippines?

Ford EcoSport

Automart.PH Says: “The EcoSport doesn't have the most stellar of reliability records. However, there are good points to this subcompact crossover. It's a bit of a gamble, but a good EcoSport could serve you many years of service.” Check out Ford EcoSport:

Ford Ranger

Automart.PH Says: “If you buy one, you can end up with a unit that's riddled with faults and end up becoming a money pit. On the flipside, you could get lucky and have a reliable version of one of the country's most capable trucks” Check out Ford Ranger:

Ford Everest

Automart.PH Says: “There are two kinds of Everest feedback you often hear. It's either a problematic SUV riddled with glitches and faults, or it's one of the most robust and reliable SUVs they've ever owned. Our advice? Choose your Everest wisely.” Check out Ford Everest:

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