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Used Ford Ranger For Sale Philippines.

Here You’ll Find a List of Used and Repossessed Ford Ranger For Sale in the Philippines. Automart.Ph gives you Thousands of Lowest Price and Highest Quality Second-Hand Cars. Buy Online Now!

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Is the Ford Ranger a Good Buy?



The Ford Ranger has over 14 variants and trim levels combined and is the American brand's best selling model in the Philippines. XLS, XLT, FX4, Wildtrak, and the much-desired Raptor combine to offer Built Ford Tough for almost every consumer's budget–of course you can even buy a used Ranger to save even more money.


Of note is that the higher variants of the Ford Ranger have excellent and comfy interiors that rival more "premium" car categories. The interior quality of the Ranger helps set it apart, add in the powerful 2.0 bi-turbo engines and the macho good looks and no wonder a lot of people choose this pickup.

Is the Ford Ranger Reliable?

A lot has been said about transmission and engine issues of the Ford Ranger after it racks up a lot of mileage. However it should be taken with a grain of salt as any car that reaches a high odometer rating will naturally have a higher risk of failure.


The important thing to note about the much maligned DCT transmission of Ford is that a DCT is different from a normal automatic gearbox as they are higher-performance transmissions. A simple but key reminder is to change your DCT's fluid on time and with the proper specification of gear oil. Doing so will go a long way in ensuring your enjoyment of its performance for a long time.


Here is a video inspection of a 166,000km on the odometer 2016 Wildtrak for you to consider!


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