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If you take a look at the history of Hyundai, they quickly went from making cars for other companies to being one of the world's biggest automakers. It could be said that Hyundai grew massively in the late-90s, not just in terms of sales but also in quality. There was greater expansion when the new millennium rolled in, turning Hyundai into the automotive global powerhouse it is today.

Hyundai in the Philippines

Hyundai has been in the country since the mid-'90s, and their first products didn't really leave a mark here. There was the Excel, Grace, second-generation Elantra, and the third-generation Sonata. The Asian Economic Crisis could have sent Hyundai packing in the Philippines. However, they got their first breakthrough with the first-generation Starex. Their popularity grew in the mid-00s here thanks to the diesel-powered Accent along with other diesel models. Now, Hyundai is one of the five biggest automakers in the country in terms of sales. They are also the largest non-Japanese car brand locally.

What are the Hyundai models sold in the Philippines?

Hyundai has a very wide variety of models offered here in the country. It ranges from affordable and sensible, all the way to expensive and luxurious. Let's start with the model within reach of many. The most affordable Hyundai around is the Reina, although the discontinued Eon is still popular around the used car market. A little higher up is the Accent which is also available with diesel power. Hyundai no longer offers larger sedans, namely the Elantra and Sonata. On to crossovers, Hyundai Philippines have five, starting with the subcompact Venue. A little larger than that is the Kona. Their entry into the compact crossover class is the Tucson, while the Santa Fe remains a stable in the line-up. But if you want the biggest and most luxurious crossover from the brand, you'll have to go for the Palisade. But we're not done with Hyundai yet. Under their vans and utility vehicles, there's the tough H-100 and the popular Starex. As for specialty models, the hybrid Ioniq and sporty Veloster are the brand's niche offerings in the country.

What are the popular Hyundai models in the Philippines?

Hyundai Eon

Automart.PH Says: “One thing you need to watch out for when looking at used Eon is neglect. More often than not, used examples are abused or lack maintenance. Buyer beware. ” Check out Hyundai-eon:

Hyundai Reina

Automart.PH Says: “So, should you buy one? We think it's worth your time to check one of these out. Just make sure the air-con is working properly.” Check out Hyundai-reina:

Hyundai Accent

Automart.PH Says: “If you're buying a used Accent, we recommend the diesel models. The diesel versions already come with airbags and it easily gets over 20 kilometers per liter on the highway.” Check out Hyundai-accent:

Hyundai Starex

Automart.PH Says: “The Starex is noted for its comfort against its Japanese counterparts, and the extra performance the VGT-equipped models have to offer.” Check out Hyundai-starex:

Hyundai H100

Automart.PH Says: “The Hyundai H100 plays second fiddle to the seemingly immortal Mitsubishi L300. But does this mean that you shouldn't buy the Hyundai load-carrier? Not so fast because it can actually be a good buy. ” Check out Hyundai-h100:

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