Used and Repossessed Hyundai H100 For Sale Philippines

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Hyundai H100 - At A Glance

The Mitsubishi L300 may be the byword for delivery vans, but the Hyundai H-100 does put up a good fight against its evergreen (and everlasting) Japanese rival. There have been may versions of it before but the most recent model came out in 2009. Delivery vans such as these are the very definition of function over form as its design has still been the same since its local launch. However, Hyundai made a few changes under the skin to make the H-100 more appealing to small and medium business owners, as well as fleet managers. For instance, the H-100 received a slightly more powerful engine along the way, along with a six-speed manual transmission to make it more efficient.

Good buy or goodbye?

When it comes to popularity, the Hyundai H100 plays second fiddle to the seemingly immortal Mitsubishi L300. But does this mean that you shouldn't buy the Hyundai load-carrier? Not so fast because it can actually be a good buy. But before we get to that, what are the things you need to look out for? It seems that clutches are the weakest link of this commercial vehicle. It's best to check the mileage of the vehicle and give the pedals a few presses to make sure it's still in good shape. Also, it's better to get the later models with the updated engine and the six-speed manual. Prior to that, those still had Euro II diesel engines and can g get dirty rather quickly. Lastly, parts and servicing isn't as easy as the Japanese competition.


- More affordable than its competitors - High payload capacity - Later models came with a six-speed manual - ”Modern” for light-truck standards - Most powerful option in its segment


- Clutches seem to be the weakest link - Euro II diesel versions get smoky - Parts and servicing not as easy as Japanese competitors


2.6 TCI Diesel M/T (2009-2018) 2.5 CRDi M/T (2018-current)

Dimensions and capacities:

Length: 4,850 mm Width: 1740 mm Height: 1970 mm Fuel Tank Capacity: 65 Liters Max cargo area: N/A Ground Clearance: 185 mm Wading capacity: N/A


Engines 2.6-liter diesel, 4-Cylinder, In-line, 8-Valve SOHC (TCI) 2.5-liter diesel, 4-Cylinder, In-line, 16-Valve DOHC, Turbo, Common Rail Direct Injection Horsepower: 79 HP (TCI) 133 HP (2.5 CRDI) Torque: 167 Nm (TCI) 255 Nm (2.5 CRDI) Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 6-speed manual Driven wheels: Rear-wheel drive

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