Used and Repossessed Kia Soluto For Sale Philippines

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Kia Soluto at a glance

The Kia Soluto has the same goal as the Hyundai Reina, and that's to be one of the most affordable family sedans in the market today. That's also because those two cars are one in the same. Both the Kia and the Hyundai are even made in the same factory in China. But is the Soluto more than just a reskinned Reina? But first, a model introduction. The Soluto is Kia Philippines' first model sourced from China and serves as the most affordable sedan in the local line-up. It's based on the previous-generation Rio that shares the same chassis as the previous Hyundai Accent. With that, the Soluto has pretty solid foundations. However, the Soluto has a few tricks up its sleeve that might make it even better value than its Hyundai-badged twin.

Good buy or goodbye?

Given that the Soluto is based in the Reina, is there a good reason to choose the Kia over the Hyundai? If there is something you should know about the Soluto, it's that this car has more features than the Hyundai. For example, the Soluto comes standard with a touchscreen. Not only that, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is standard on ALL variants. There are even more expensive cars have that don't have that feature. Also, the steering wheel-mounted audio controls give you the feeling you're driving something more expensive. But that's not all. Resale values for the Soluto and the Reina are practically identical. That means you get more features for about the same money. As it is, used prices for these are temptingly within reach. It also has most of the strengths of the Reina. That means it's light to drive and has a fairly solid chassis. However, that also means it inherits some of the problems and downsides for the Reina. For example, there have been reports of air-con thermistor problems much like its twin. It also uses a rather old-school 4-speed automatic. Still, it's worth giving the Soluto a second look mainly because of its value proposition.


- Affordable and great value - Easy to drive - Solid chassis - Apple Car Play and Android Auto is standard - Better equipped that Reina


- Rather old-school 4-speed automatic - No diesel option - Air-conditioning issues - Could do with better handling


1.4 LX M/T 1.4 LX A/T 1.4 EX M/T 1.4 EX A/T

Dimensions and capacities:

Length – 4,300 mm Width – 1,700 mm Height - 1,460 mm Fuel tank capacity – 43 Liters Ground Clearance – 150 mm


Engine - 1.4-liter, gas, 4-cylinder in-line, 16-valve DOHC, Dual-CVVT Horsepower – 95 hp Torque – 132 Nm Transmission options – 5-speed manual / 4-speed automatic Driven wheels – Front wheel drive

Approximate fuel economy and range

City – 10.8 km/l (1.4 EX A/T) Highway – 15.2 km/l (1.4 EX A/T) Estimated range – 464 km to 654 km per full tank


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