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Mazda is a car company that prefers to do their things differently. From clinging on to rotary power, to injecting sportiness is every model, Mazda puts engineering above everything else. But its their split from Ford that allowed them to really spread their wings. Now, Mazda is keen to show the world that style and substance is possible in sensible packages.

Mazda in the Philippines

Mazda has come and gove over the years, but they've been firmly planted in the country since the early '00s. Prior to that, Mazda sold vehicles such as the B-Series pick-up, 323, 626, Asitina, and Familia. But the cars that helped Mazda regain their footing here were the 3 and the Tribute. Soon, more models were added and eventually built up the line-up to what it is today. Mazda switched distributors in the country yet again, but it proved to be a timely move as the brand continues to move up towards the premium segments.

What are the popular Mazda models in the Philippines?

Mazda's local line-up is as simple as their naming convention. All you have to do is arrange them numerically. In the case of their crossovers, it's arranging them alphanumerically, but we'll get to that later. The least expensive Mazda is the 2 that serves as their subcompact model here. It is available both as a hatchback and as a sedan. Moving one size class higher is, surprise surprise, the 3. It too can be had as a sedan or hatchback. Mazda Philippines still offers an executive vehicle in the form of the 6. You can have the Mazda 6 as a station wagon as well, making it one of the few wagons sold in the Philippines. On to the crossovers and Mazda has five to offer in the country. The smallest available is the CX-3, followed by the slightly bigger but more practical CX-30. The CX-5 is a staple of the Mazda crossover range, but if you need an extra row of seats, there's the longer CX-8. Last but not least is the CX-9 that serves as the flagship of the Mazda crossover range. But if you need a hauler, the BT-50 is still around for heavy duty use. Of course, the Mazda Philippines line-up wouldn't be complete without their iconic roadster, the MX-5. It's offered in two body styles here, namely the traditional soft top and the coupe-like RF. The best part is, you can still have it with a manual transmission.

Mazda 2

Automart.PH Says: “Space is a little tight inside, especially in the hatchback versions. But if it's a fun subcompact car you're looking for, you can't go wrong with the Mazda 2.” Check out Mazda 2:

Mazda 3

Automart.PH Says: “It's not the most practical sedan or hatchback out there, but there is a good compromise between style and substance. All in all, it's a solid choice in its class that's also fun to drive, and stylish.” Check out Mazda 3:

Mazda CX-5

Automart.PH Says: “In many ways, the CX-5 is the crossover to get for those who need something practical but have a passion for driving. It's the crossover for people who don't like crossovers, and that's a very good thing.” Check out Mazda CX-5:

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