Used and Repossessed Mitsubishi Montero Sport For Sale Philippines

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Mitsubishi Montero Sport at a glance

We saw a new wave of more high-tech and upmarket pick-up-based SUVs during the mid-2010s. But if there is one model that really kicked it up a notch, it was the third-generation Mitsubishi Montero Sport. For starters, it was among the first SUVs to feature active safety technologies and forced many of its competitors to play catch-up. With its (rather controversial) design, features, and technologies, it almost difficult to believe that it came out in all those years ago. The third-generation Montero Sport made its local launch in early 2016. The SUV received a minor model change in late 2019. While the updates aren't super dramatic, it kept the Montero Sport bang up to date and, perhaps, even a few steps ahead.

Good buy or goodbye?

When the third-generation Montero Sport rolled out in the Philippines in 2016, it brought in a whole host of innovations in the mid-size SUV class. It was the first SUV to have more than six gears in its automatic transmission, and it made variable valve timing in diesels more popular. Higher-spec versions even have adaptive cruise control, 360-degree cameras, and automatic emergency braking to name a few. Not only that, the Montero Sport was the only SUV in its class to offer a manual transmission option for its four-wheel-drive model. Sadly, that version is no longer offered brand-new and its rarity makes it extra valuable in the used-car market. Faults? There are a few. The Montero Sport is the smallest vehicle in its class and it's reflected by its interior space. You can fit it with seven passengers, but it will be a bit of a squeeze. Also, the complicated third-row mechanism might be enough for you to walk away from it. Lastly, it needs faithful service if you don't want black smoke coming out of its tailpipe, a seemingly common pattern in diesel-powered Mitsubishi models. All in all, though, the Montero Sport is a solid second-hand buy if you can live with its quirks and kinks. It's not the country's second best-selling SUV for nothing.


- One of the best-riding SUVs in its class - Class-first variable valve timing diesel engine - Maneuverability - S8-speed automatic - High fuel efficiency, especially the 2WD models - GRare GLS 4WD M/T is an off-roader's dream


- Love it or hate it styling - Narrow body - Tight for three across in second-row seats - Complicated third-row mechanism - Engine can get smoky if not maintained faithfully


GLX 2.4D 2WD M/T GLS 2.4D 2WD A/T GLS Premium 2.4D 2WD A/T (2016-2020) GT 2.4D 2WD A/T (2020-present) GLS 2.4D 4WD M/T (2016-2020) GT 2.4D 4WD A/T

Dimensions and capacities

Length: 4,825 mm Width: 1,815 mm Height: 1,835 mm Wheelbase: 2,800 mm Fuel tank capacity: 68 Liters Max. cargo area: N/A Ground Clearance: 218 mm Wading depth: 700 mm


Engine: 2.4-liter diesel, Inline 4-Cylinder, DOHC, Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) With Intercooler, MIVEC Max power: 181 HP Max torque: 430 Nm Transmission options: 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic Driven wheels: Rear-wheel drive or part-time four-wheel drive

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