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Used and Repossessed Nissan NV350 Urvan For Sale in the Philippines.

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At A Glance 

The Toyota Hiace may be the top-of-mind answer for a van, but that doesn't stop Nissan from stealing several customers away with their NV350 Urvan. At first glance, the two look very similar, right down to the shape. But you shouldn't dismiss the NV350 Urvan as a Hiace lookalike.

Introduced in 2015, the NV350 Urvan was initially sold alongside the original Urvan until the latter was discontinued a few years later. When it was launched all those years ago, the NV350 presented a big step up from the model it replaced. Not only did it have a more modern exterior and interior, but the new van also came with a cleaner and more powerful turbodiesel engine.

To further enhance its appeal, Nissan introduced the Premium version in 2017. It was wider than the standard model, expanding its passenger capacity. Less than a year after that, the Urvan Premium received a much-needed automatic transmission and a minor facelift.

Pros Cons
  • Generally robust
  • Turbo actuator failures in hard-worked models
  • Proven reliability record
  • Cooling system needs a little more attention
  • High payload and loading capacity
  • Flat nose a risk in accidents
  • Loads of body styles and configurations
  • No automatic option in non-Premium versions
  • 2.5-liter turbodiesel offers decent performance
  • Transmissions are often overworked
  • One of the better riding flat nose vans


Good buy or goodbye? 

It could be said that the Nissan NV350 Urvan is often overshadowed by the Toyota Hiace. The latter's popularity means it's become the default choice in the class, but that doesn't mean Nissan doesn't have a few good things about it. For example, it's one of the better-riding flat-nose vans out there. And its “cab over” design means it maximizes more space for less length. However, that design comes with a major downside: crash performance.

And while it's generally robust, there are reports of turbo actuator issues and cooling system problems, although that's usually seen in hard-worked and high-mileage models. If it's well cared for, it can easily cover hundreds of thousands of kilometers with little to no issue. The best part is, second-hand NV350 vans are typically more affordable than Hiace vans. So if you need a cargo hauler or VIP transport, you shouldn't count out the Nissan.


  • Cargo
  • 15-Seater
  • 18-Seater
  • Premium M/T
  • Premium A/T

Dimensions and Capacities 


  • 5,080 mm (Cargo)
  • 4,695 mm (15- and 18-seater)
  • 5,230 mm (Premium)


  • 1,695 mm (Cargo, 15- and 18-seater)
  • 1,880 mm (Premium)


  • 2,285 mm (Cargo, Premium)
  • 1,990 mm (15- and 18-seater)

Fuel Tank Capacity: 65 Liters

Max cargo area: N/A

Ground Clearance: 195 mm

Wading capacity: N/A


Engine: 2.5-liter diesel, 4-Cylinder, In-line, 16-Valve DOHC, Variable Turbocharger

Horsepower: 129 HP

Torque: 356 Nm

Transmission Options: 

  • 5-speed manual
  • 5-speed automatic

Driven wheels: Rear-Wheel Drive

Fuel economy and range: 

  • City: 7.4 km/l (Premium A/T) to 8.1 km/l (Premium M/T)
  • Highway: 13.7 km/l (Premium A/T)
  • Estimated range: 481 km to 890 kms per full tank



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