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Over the past couple of years, there has been a dramatic change in the pick-up truck market. While they still remain true to their roots, these utilitarians have become more stylish, powerful, and even loaded with technologies. These vehicles have come such a long way that more people are considering them as daily drivers. Of course, these are still trucks at the end of the day, so there are a few things you need to consider.

What are the kinds of pick-up?

There are a wide variety of pick-up types around the world. However, the there is one size class that dominates the local market. This is the mid-size pick-up truck market, which evolved from the compact pick-up class from the mid-'70s. The segment grew up literally and figuratively, but the formula remains the same. These pick-ups are available as either single-cab or dual-cab bodies, the latter being the more popular and more loaded versions. Single-cab pick-ups are typically for those who need longer beds and don't carry passengers regularly. These are the work-focused trucks. The dual-cab pick-ups serve a dual purpose. Also called quad-cabs, these can also be for work or for family duties. Of course, there are other kinds of pick-ups in the Philippines, but it's not as many as the choices in the mid-size segment. There's the full-sized trucks from the U.S, along with unibody trucks as well.

Should you get a pick-up?

These days, you're seeing more and more pick-ups being used as daily drivers instead of utility vehicles. That's thanks in part to the manufacturers making them more livable and comfortable for on-road use. However, that doesn't mean you should get one right away. Before you buy one, consider a few things. Pick-ups have exposed cargo areas so you'll have to put light cargo inside the vehicle. Fresh meats and frozen goods? Those will have to go inside, too. In other words, you'll have to choose your cargo carefully when you have a pick-up. Yes, you can get a campershell for it or a bed cover, but that eats up into the cargo capacity. If that's okay with you, then you have to consider ride comfort as well. Modern pick-ups may be more forgiving, but they're still not as comfortable as SUVs or crossovers for the most part. Then there's the maneuverability and the space of your garage. All pick-ups are well over five meters long these days, so always take note of that. If none of that bothers or fazes you, then a pick-up can be on your radar. You should consider one of these if you regularly haul loads or long items. Plant enthusiasts will appreciate the benefits of a pick-up as well. And when it comes to carrying heavy cargo, nothing short of a cargo van or FB beats a pick-up.

What are the best-selling pick-ups in the Philippines?

Leading the pick-up sales race in the Philippines is, you guessed it, the Toyota Hilux. While that answer might not surprise you, the model in second place might. Behind the Hilux is the Ford Ranger, and it's also the country's top-selling four-wheel drive pick-up. As for the third best-selling pick-up in the land, that's the Nissan Navara. Of course, the Mitsubishi Strada and Isuzu D-Max are still some of the top-sellers in the Philippines.

What are the recommended pick-ups in the Philippines?

It's easy to say all the major players in this class are worth recommending, but that's because each of them have something unique to offer. For instance, the Hilux and D-Max are built on well-deserved reputations for durability and reliability. The Navara has comfort on its side, while the Strada has maneuverability. Then there's the Ranger that has the biggest bed in its class, as well as the highest payload capacity. Find one that best suits your needs.

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