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Crossovers and SUVs might be all over the place now, but there is always room for sedans in the Philippines. They're typically the starter vehicle for families and the staple of fleets around cities. Sedans also cater to a wide audience. From budget-concious folks to powerhouse CEOs, there will always be a four-door for everyone. If you're shopping for a car, these are always worth considering before looking at other body types.

What are the kinds of sedans?

There are several classes and segments of sedans around sorted by size or price. It always starts with the subcompact class ranging from PHP 550,000 to nearly PHP 1,100,000. That segment somewhat overlaps with the compact class which has become more premium over the last couple of years. Their prices reflect that too, ranging from PHP 1,100,000 to almost PHP 1,700,000. Also known as the C-segment, these cars now come with features previously reserved for luxury vehicles. If you want something even larger, there's the executive sedan class. It's also called the mid-size sedan class or the D-segment. And if that's still not enough, E-segment and the F-segment are some of the largest sedans you can buy today. Of course, these kinds of sedans come with an equally hefty price tag when they're new. D-segment sedan prices kick off at about PHP 1,900,000 these days, and it only goes up from there.

Should you still get a sedan?

Let's get the limitations out of the way first. No matter the size of sedan, it will always be a struggle to carry big, bulky cargo in these four-doors. If you carry tall items regularly, then it's no good for you. Yes, some sedans come with a folding rear seat, but it doesn't totally resolve the practicality limitation. However, that doesn't mean that you should totally count out sedans. Their trunk areas are big enough these days and can easily handle a grocery run. If you pack wisely, a family vacation's worth of cargo shoudn't be much of an issue. Unless you're a contractor or have a large household, a sedan should be good for most. Either way, a sedan also makes for a good second car for the family.

What are the best-selling sedans in the Philippines?

Because of their affordable prices, the top-selling sedans in the country are all in the subcompact class. The top-selling sedan in the country is none other than the Toyota Vios. In second place is the Mitsubishi Mirage G4, typically selling half of what the Vios does in a year. Other popular sedans in the country include the Honda City, Nissan Almera, Suzuki Dzire, and Hyundai Reina.

What are the recommended sedans in the Philippines?

So you've decided on getting a sedan. What are the recommendations in the Philippines? You can't go wrong with the Toyota Vios. It's not the most exciting choice out there, not is it the most unique, but it's one of the most sensible ones to get. Another one worth a mention is the Kia Soluto thanks to its solid value proposition, especially as a second-hand buy. If you're looking for that big car feel in a smaller and more maneuverable package, there's the Honda City, while the Mazda2 caters to the sporty crowd. As for larger sedans, two solid choices here are the long-time rivals: The Toyota Corolla Altis and Honda Civic. Again, the Mazda3 is there for the sportier enthusiasts.

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