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Below is the inventory of Repossessed Toyota Cars and Used Toyota Cars in the Philippines at the lowest prices.

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Used Toyota Philippines - If you’re looking for a used car, you’ve probably considered buying a used Toyota.

There are many reasons why Toyotas are a top pick in the country. In fact, Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the country. So large that unlike other car manufacturers like Mazda, Suzuki or Honda, they have their own manufacturing plant in the country. It’s in Santa Rosa, Laguna. You would probably pass by it if you’re on the way to Tagaytay from SLEX. 

Owning a Toyota has become synonymous with being practical and reasonable. There are many reasons why the car brand has gotten that attached meaning. 


Why are Toyotas so Popular in the Philippines?

  • Toyota cars are a workhorses.

    They are dependable. Just look at the Vios, it has been the country’s main model for its taxi cabs, and recently with ride-hailing apps for generations. It’s a popular pick due to its sheer reliability and durability. You probably see cabs around with sagged suspension and a few hundred thousand on an odometer and they’re still going. 


  • They have a ton of spare parts.

    The reason why hey resell well is because there are easily accessible and cheap, unlike other brands who require their parts to be ordered all the way from abroad, which is expensive. 


  • They look great.

    Toyota’s design language is something you could call “simple.” It’s distinct and sets them apart from their competition. For decades, models like the Camry, and the Corolla Altis have been top picks for consumers simply because they look great.


  • Safety.

    Having gotten multiple awards for keeping their cars safe, don’t make the mistake that your Toyota won’t save your life in a crash. 


  • Toyota has plenty of history.

    Ever since the Toyota Corolla was introduced in 1966, it has grown to be the best nameplate in the world. Forty-million models were sold and they’re still making them! 

    There’s just something about their cars that just makes them on everybody’s “want” list. After all, Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world.  

    It’s because of these reasons, Used Toyotas have also has been a top choice for consumers in the used market. 


    Top 5 Used Toyota Models in the Philippines

    1. Vios

      The reliability and practicality of a Vios are legendary. Used Vios’ has gotten more common after the Grab and Uber started using them as their main service model. With a 1.3l and 1.5l engines, the Vios is perfectly positioned towards consumers looking to be efficient, and those who want an extra bit of power. 

      See our selection of Used Toyota Vios here. 



    2. Hiace

      The Hiace is the go-to service van of the country. They’re everywhere as school service vans, to what U.V. Express uses. They’re reliable, they can fit a lot of people, and in certain upper trim models, they could also be quite luxurious. 

      See our selection of Used Toyota Hiaces here. 



    3. Fortuner

      The Fortuner stormed the Philippine market when the 2016 model was introduced. It was so popular, it outsold the Vios for a year. It’s stunning considering the Fortuner costs twice as much as the Vios. The Fortuner is an SUV and hence it has a lot of space inside and it can fit seven people comfortably. With the “S” in “SUV” meaning “sport,” it also can transport them quite effortlessly with the torque it has, and pull overtakes quite easily.

      See our selection of Used Toyota Fortuners here. 



    4. Avanza

      The Avanza is an underrated car. With a trunk size that competes with many SUVs in a car with a smaller profile, it’s definitely practical. And a car you should definitely put on your list if you’re looking for something spacious whilst being on a budget. 

      See our selection of Used Toyota Avanzahere. 



    5. Innova

      A slightly roomier alternative to the Fortuner. The main difference is that the Innova isn't as sporty, not being able to have more torque and off-road capabilities. But it’s just as practical when it comes to daily use. It has a lot of space to show off, with the updated 2017 Innova showing off a rather handsome design. The Innova can definitely go toe-to-toe with any SUV in the market. 

      See our selection of Used Toyota Innovahere. 




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