Used and Repossessed Toyota Rush For Sale Philippines

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Toyota Rush at a glance

The Toyota Rush: Looks Like a Small SUV, Drives Like a BIG MPV What is it that turns people’s heads and glues eyes onto a Toyota Rush whenever it passes by? Is it because it looks like a smaller version of the Toyota Fortuner? Or because it’s a really big MPV like the Toyota Avanza with all the advantages? With modern tech add-ons, design upgrades that blur the lines between the traditional categories and trims, safety systems, and many other new features, there is no other small SUV that turns heads in admiration other than the Toyota Rush. Here’s a quick rundown of the Toyota Rush’s sweet features that make it a desirable buy, be it brand new or as used or repossessed SUV.

Good buy or goodbye?

The Toyota Rush's small engine size does have the huge challenge of lugging around a relatively larger body (compared to MPVs of similar engine sizes). This may be its biggest drawback, but the trade-off is enjoying the look, feel, and comfort of driving and riding a small-size but very capable SUV in the city and on the highway.


Light but Capable Engine - The Toyota Rush comes with a 1.5-Liter In-line 4-Cylinder 16-Valve DOHC engine that puts out 102 horsepower and 134 torque. It’s no Toyota Innova, that’s for sure, but the Rush is more than capable to ferry passengers from Point A to B, carry cargo wherever necessary, or, run the gamut of both highway and city roads. SUV-Sized - Compared to the field, the Toyota Rush has size in spades. It truly is as it is advertised: a small SUV that’s bigger, longer, and wider than everyone else in its class. The Rush’s 200mm ground clearance is appealing to Automart.Ph clients looking for a small SUV that can cross flood-prone and pothole-filled roads easily. Superb Safety Rating - ASEAN NCAP, the premier organization that raises consumer awareness for vehicle safety recently awarded the Toyota Rush with the highest safety ratings in 2018, giving it a 5-star rating. The Rush performed well in three key categories: the Adult Occupant Protection; the Child Occupant Protection; and the Safety Assist Technology. This means, it’s not only a mean machine, it’s a family-friendly ride that would be perfect for the right repo Rush buyer. SUV-sized Comfort - With great size, comes great comfortability. And this is the byword that the Rush adheres to, providing a better riding experience, either on daily drives or provincial trips. Its NVH prevention system helps reduce much of the noise and vibrations, its automatic climate control, and its cabin features, gives the Rush the perfect touches for making it a comfy ride. SUV in Size, MPV in Price - The Toyota Rush offers buyers the chance to own a small-size SUV at the price of an MPV. And who can resist getting the feel and joy of driving a small-size repossessed SUV at the price of an MPV?


Interior Inferiority Complex - While the Toyota Rush is lauded for its safety features, it is not as highly rated for its interior and tech features. True, the Rush has focused on creature comforts, but in this day and age, tech features is one of our creature comforts. Average Fuel Economy - The Toyota Rush has a decent fuel economy, with an average rate of 8 km per liter for city driving and 14 km per liter on highway runs---middle-of-the-pack numbers. But how would it perform if you're driving on a full load (passenger, cargo, or a mix of both)? Expect these numbers to lessen. It’s Simply a Bigger and Nicer Version of the Avanza - When you put both vehicles side by side, there is absolutely nothing to compare the Rush and the Avanza, visually. But under the hood, they have more in common---same engine size and type, platform and rear-wheel drive powertrain, interior features, controls configuration, and handling, among others. Other than its fascia and exterior, the Rush is simply an oversized subcompact MPV (pardon the oxymoron).


1.5 G 4-Speed A/T 1.5 E 4-Speed A/T 1.5 E 5-Speed M/T Tech Specs Body MPV (Small-Sized SUV/Entry-Level SUV) Dimensions Length: 4,435 mm Width: 1,695 mm Height: 1,705 mm Ground Clearance: 220 mm Weight (Gross): 1,870 kgs Seating Capacity: 7


Engine 1.5-Liter 2NR-VE In-Line 4-Cylinder, 16-Valve DOHC, Chain Drive with Dual VVT-i Power 102 HP at 6,000 RPM Torque 134 Nm at 4,200 RPM


Automatic Transmission for the 1.5 G and 1.5 E Manual Transmission for the entry-level 1.5 E

Fuel Economy

Average: 11 km per liter City: 8 km per liter Highway: 14 km per liter Fuel Tank Capacity: 45 liters

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