2022 Suzuki S-Presso Special Edition starts at just PHP 568,000

2022 Suzuki S-Presso Special Edition starts at just PHP 568,000

Updated on July 15 2024

The Suzuki S-Presso has been one of the top-selling small hatchbacks in the country. Since its launch last March 2020 (right before lockdown season 1), the budget car has seen no issues finding new homes and owners. Its been a sales success for Suzuki despite the fact that it is not available with an automatic transmission.

This year, Suzuki has rolled out a new variant for their best-selling subcompact hatchback. It's called the Special Edition, and it's now available in Suzuki dealerships nationwide. So what does this model have to offer? And what features does it have over the standard GL?

For starters, the Special Edition does not come with an automatic transmission. Like the GL, this model uses a five-speed manual. It also means that there are no changes under the hood as well. The S-Presso Special Edition still comes with a 1.0-liter, three cylinder engine that's good for 67 PS and 90 Nm of torque. So what makes this model special? That would be the exterior and interior upgrades.

With the Special Edition, the S-Presso gets a new pair of shoes, or in this case, wheels. It loses the steel rims with plastic covers and gets a set of alloys as an upgrade. This model also gets thicker body cladding, silver painted strips on the doors, and even plastic skid plates to make it look like it can go off-road. The Starry Blue Pearl color seen here is exclusive to the Special Edition.

As for the interior, it still looks like the original model. However, there are silver bezels around the air-conditioning vents and center stack. There are more silver trims on the door panel and kick plates by the floor. As you might have figured, the Special Edition is all about cosmetics.

The 2021 Suzuki S-Presso Special Edition starts at PHP 568,000, PHP 45,000 more than the GL.

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