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Used and Repossessed Suzuki For Sale Philippines

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When it comes to small and subcompact cars, Suzuki is one of the top of mind automakers when it comes to that. For decades, they have been synonymous with building pocket-sized vehicles with a pocket-friendly pricetag. But offering good value doesn't only mean low prices for Suzuki. Their models pack most of what car buyer need and and demand in a modern vehicle.

Suzuki in the Philippines

Suzuki made its name in the Philippines with models such as the Samurai and Vitara. They also became a household name for small businesses thanks to the Carry. But it was in the mid-00s when Suzuki began a rapid expansion in the country. It could be said that the Swift helped the brand gain more recognition here, along with the Jimny. Since then, Suzuki's growth kept gaining momentum and, these days, they are along the top ten best-selling brands in the country.

What are the Suzuki models sold in the Philippines?

Whether it's sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, or even MPVs, you won't find a Suzuki model that's larger than subcompact. The least expensive of the affordable bunch is the funky and boxy-looking S-Presso. It effectively replaces the Alto as the company's entry-level vehicle. Moving up the price range, there's the Celerio for those who need something slightly bigger. Serving as the flagship hatchback of the Suzuki Philippines range is the sporty and stylish Swift. Moving on to sedans, Suzuki has two to offer. Both models serve the higher and lower end of the subcompact sedan price spectrum. The Swift-based Dzire caters to the more budget-conscious customers. The Ciaz meanwhile is the more upmarket subcompact sedan meant to compete with the more expensive cars in that segment. For those who need three rows of seats, Suzuki has three models to offer. It starts with the utiliratian and relatively basic APV. The Ertiga has a more car-like feel and design thanks to its modified Swift chassis. Meanwhile, the XL7 adds a few more inches to the Ertiga's ground clearance, along with more aggressive styling. On to crossovers and SUVs, Suzuki has the Vitara and the iconic Jimny. The Carry serves as Suzuki's more utilitarian vehicle.

What are the popular Suzuki models in the Philippines?

Suzuki Alto

Automart.PH Says: “It's easy to dismiss the Alto as an outdated vehicle for the modern young family. However, its basic nature and simplicity are also in its favor. Because it's not packed with technologies, repairs are cheap and easy.”

Suzuki S-Presso

Automart.PH Says: “The S-Presso is one of the most affordable ways to get four wheels. It's efficient, easy to drive and easy to maintain with low running costs. As far as budget vehicles go, it offers a highly competitive package. However, the safety rating is a bit of a concern.”

Suzuki Dzire

Automart.PH Says: “These days, basic sedans aren't that bare anymore. If you need any proof of that, just check out the Suzuki Dzire. It may not be the most stylish budget subcompact sedan out there, but the standard features make it good value.”

Suzuki Ertiga

Automart.PH Says: “If you're looking for an affordable way to get seven seats, the Suzuki Ertiga might just be your ticket. Whether it's new or used, the Ertiga is typically less expensive to buy than its competitors.”

Suzuki Jimny

Automart.PH Says: “The best way to describe the Jimny is uncompromising. It's not for those who seek comfort, performance, or even economy in a small SUV. Instead, it's made for those who are willing to overlook its relative lack of refinement for outright off-road capability.”

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