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Used and Repossessed Suzuki For Sale Philippines


Here You'll Find a List of Used and Repossessed Suzuki Cars For Sale in the Philippines. Automart.Ph gives you Thousands of Lowest Price and Highest Quality Second-Hand Cars. Buy Online Now!

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Suzuki is known to make car models that are small, cheap, and occasionally, cute. Suzuki isn’t a car brand to make big SUVs or cars that are designed to be sporty and fast. The Japanese carmaker has a reputation for producing cars that are technically advanced, small, quirky, and practical. In this article, we’ll go over the perks of buying a used Suzuki.

They really have no reason to because compared to the country’s bestselling brands like Toyota, Suzuki is a bit of an underdog. 

What Suzuki has is a very unique design that has gotten them quite a number of awards the past few years for the Swift and for their All-New Vitara. But aside from stying, there’s one aspect of Suzuki that people seem to overlook―their reliability. 

Are Used Suzuki Models Reliable?

Japanese car manufacturers are known for their reliability and Suzuki is no different. But the reason why Suzuki may be more reliable than others is that their cars are well built. Consumer reports also that models such as the Vitara is one of the most reliable in the market. 

What makes models reliable are often just how less susceptible parts are prone to breaking. This often means engineering parts in such a way that they can manage to go through the stress a regular car experiences on roads every day. How a part wears depends on what exactly the part does. For example, engine parts may wear out faster if the oil is not regularly changed. This is because engine parts constantly rub against each other. The more engine parts rub without proper lubrication, the more it wears. For parts like the suspension or electronics, it’s different. But engineering strong parts goes a long way.


Top Used Suzuki Models

  1. Swift

    The Suzuki Swift recently got a facelift that makes it stand out as a hatchback. “Swift uplifts you,” it the tagline of the model, and there’s perhaps quite an explanation on why they chose the word “uplift” to describe the car. The swift is a small hatchback, but it looks incredibly smart for a car so cheap. Compared to the competition which includes Toyota’s Wigo and the Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback, you might consider the Swift much more modern. 

    The overall simplicity of the shape of the car is quite attractive, almost lady-like. There are no sharp edges or attempt to try and make the car look sportier than it actually is. And that’s a good thing because it makes the Swift stand out, making it look classy. 

    Housing a 1.2L three-cylinder engine, the Swift isn’t sporty. Nevertheless, the Swift packs good value in a small, compact, and practical package. Check out Automart.Ph’s inventory on used Suzuki Swifts here. 



  2. Dzire

    The desire is Suzuki’s subcompact sedan, and it rivals the Mitsubishi Mirage G4. Sporting a look that’s similar to the Swift, the DZire competes with the Mirage very well. But if we’re going to choose, we’d say that the Swift beats the Mirage slightly in the looks department. The Mirage has LED taillights and a smarter looking interior. 



  3. Ciaz

    The Ciaz is Suzuki’s compact sedan. It rivals Toyota’s Vios, Honda’s City, and the Hyundai Accent. Pretty stiff competition but Suzuki’s compact sedan has been getting attention lately because of how well it overall perform. The Ciaz isn’t lagging behind in terms of technology nor features as it has practically the same features as a good infotainment system and reliability under their belt. 

    Automart.Ph has plenty of used Suzuki Ciaz’ in our inventory. Check it out here. 



  4. Ertiga

    The Suzuki Ertiga was one of the first seven-seater crossovers in the country. If you’ve ever been in one, you would have noticed the quiet and comfortable ride and supple interior it has. The Vitara has seven seats which means it’s really practical when it comes to groceries and road trips. 



  5. Vitara

    The Vitara’s award-winning design has caught many eyes. You can get a Vitara in unique color combinations because of its two-tone exterior where you can choose the color of your roof. Aside from that, reviews say that the Vitara is surprisingly fun to drive. 

    Despite facing fierce competition against Hyundai and Kia, the Vitara has managed to still be a good choice for buyers because of its overall look. 



  6. Jimny

    The iconic small Jeep traces its roots from the 70s when the first Jimny was debuted. The Jimmy is a quirky little off-road four-seater. The Jimmy is unlike most off-road SUVs because most are large like the Ford Everest or Isuzu MUX. Aside from having small dimensions, the Jimmy only has two doors.

    The Jimny is definitely something you would consider as a weekend toy. Suzuki even offers the Jimny in a load of different bright colors for anyone looking for something quirky.  Something you and a few other friends can use to go on out of town vacations while being fearless of any off-road terrain you might encounter. The Jimmy is ready to conquer the wild. 



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