All-new Toyota Vios: What can we expect and is it coming here soon?

All-new Toyota Vios

Updated on February 20 2024

The current Toyota Vios has been around for quite some time already. Yes, it got a new look in 2018, but it's still the same car from 2014 underneath the different sheet metal. That makes this present model seven years old by now.

At that age, it makes it ripe for a redesign or full model change. But what can we expect from the next-generation Vios? After all, this is the country's best-selling car so any changes will be a big deal indeed.

All-new or rebody?

According to various reports circulating, the next Vios WILL NOT be a rebody like the 2018 model. Instead, it will have an all-new design from bumper to bumper along with a different chassis. That means we can also expect a different interior along with more features. Details are scarce at the moment, but we can expect it either by next year or early 2023. That said, at least we know it will be a fully redesigned model.

What platform will it use?

While it is largely confirmed that it will be a fully-redesigned model, there is still a question mark over its platform. At the moment, there are two possible scenarios based on reports and rumor mills. One is that it will ride on the TNGA-B chassis (Toyota New Global Architecture - B) currently used in the European, Australian, and Japan-spec Yaris. However, there is also a strong possibility that it will be based on a Daihatsu chassis dubbed the DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture). That possibility came about since the new chassis code of the 2022 (or 2023) Vios is said to be DN92A. It should also be noted that there was a Daihatsu concept sedan that was called the DN-F, and that might become the next-gen Vios.

Will it still be made in the Philippines?

As Toyota is part of the CARS program in the Philippines, the next-Vios might still be made locally. After all, the subcompact sedan is a strong seller for the brand, and there is little to no reason for Toyota Motor Philippines to stop building these cars here in favor of importing them from Thailand or Indonesia. That said, the economic uncertainties mean we shouldn't set that in stone yet. Still, we'd like to believe that domestic production will continue despite all that. Besides, the Philippines is one of the strongest markets for Toyota.

Looking for a Vios now?

We don't know for certain when the exact local launch of the redesigned Vios will be. However, it remains a strong seller despite its advancing years. But with new Vios prices creeping towards the PHP 1 million mark, it's a good time to consider looking at the second-hand market for Toyota's best-seller.

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