Are You Looking for Low Budget Yet Reliable Used Cars?

Are You Looking for Low Budget Yet Reliable Used Cars?

Updated on June 09 2024

By: Careen L. Malahay, for Automart.

Are you looking for low-budget yet, reliable used cars in the Philippines? mo na iyan, besh! Here are some reasons you should get in touch with us now:

  • We offer various kinds of cars.

If you have a specific vehicle in mind, you will most likely find it on our website. That is because we updated our listings regularly, ensuring that you can get your dream car. You can also browse through other models if you are not yet sure about the automobile that suits your needs. Just grab your smartphone, scroll down to our website, and boom! Everything is laid out perfectly for you. And hey! All the important details about the vehicles are also present so you don’t have to search for them somewhere else.  

  • We offer the lowest prices in the market.

Nowadays, buying a car shouldn’t be a pain in your wallet. Rather, it should give you both satisfaction as a user and financial freedom. As such, offers the lowest prices of your favorite brands in the market, including Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and more. This gives you different options for every price tag. Additionally, we provide installments to help you purchase that shiny car right away.

  • We value quality.    

As the leading dealership shop for used and repossessed cars in the Philippines, we value customer satisfaction among other things. We ensure that the vehicles we are selling are in top condition, thanks to the help of our reliable and skilled mechanics. Moreover, we are very transparent about the car’s condition even before you come by our warehouse to see it personally. You can see the details on the website, along with the photos to help you identify if it’s right for you.


We also offer “Automart Certified Used Vehicles” or ACUV.  Compared to other repossessed cars in our listings, ACUV are automobiles with low mileage and haven't gone through major accidents or mechanical issues. Hence, getting one from us is like buying a brand new model. These units have unique offers such as a 1-year warranty and money-back guarantee.

If you have any questions, our official social media accounts are open all the time to answer your queries. You can also call the agent assigned to your chosen vehicle for a faster transaction.

See? There are amazing benefits of buying a used car from! So, what are you waiting for? Call us now and take home your dream car!

Automart.PH offers a wide selection of used cars at great prices, ranging from compact cars to pick-up trucks, that suit your needs.

And if you’re looking for the finest used cars, check out Automart.PH Certified Used Vehicles. These are restored until they feel like new again. They also come with a three-day money-back guarantee and, for Gold Certified units, a one-year warranty.