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Your Best Possible, Warrantied, Headache-Free Used Cars.

Automart Certified Used Vehicles (ACUV) is a convenient, affordable, and hassle-free way of choosing a used car. Automart Certified Used Vehicles eliminates the dangers of used-car shopping.

Top Benefits of Choosing an Automart Certified Used Vehicle
Easy Ownership
  • 30% Downpayment (up to 4 years payment terms)
  • Paper Transfer Assistance
  • Plate Number Assistance
Guaranteed Worry-free Driving
  • Inspected and Fixed Everything
  • 5-day/100-km Love It or Return It Policy
  • 1-year/10,000km Warranty for Gold Certified Vehicles
Smells, Feels, and Drives Like New
  • Exterior Detailing
  • Deep Interior Cleaning
  • Sanitation


Automart Certified Used Vehicles are guaranteed almost-new vehicles for a worry-free and hassle-free way of buying used cars. Each ACUV undergoes a rigorous 176-point inspection and a selection of maintenance and detailing services to make each car look, feel, and sound like new. They also come in 1-year/10,000-km warranty and 5-day/100-km “Love It or Return It” Policy.
All Automart Certified Used Vehicles come with a Test Drive Plus service wherein you just have to provide us your preferred address, date, and time and will bring the car to you!
You can either Bid on an ACUV unit or click Buy Now button on your selected ACUV. Just make sure your AutomartPH account is active to enable these features. Bidding occurs every Monday to Friday and winners will be announced every 9am.
Definitely, yes! With our Love It or Return it policy, all ACUV buyers may return their Automart Certified Used Vehicle that they have purchased recently as long as it hasn’t been more than 5 days since the date of release and the car hasn’t exceeded more than 100-km mileage from release.
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