AUTOMART.PH OFFER: Zero deposit fees for EastWest Bank repossessed cars! Offer: Waived Deposit for Eastwest Repo Cars!

Updated on April 23 2024

We are offering an exceptional promotion for retail buyers in search of high-quality repossessed cars. Waiving deposit fees exclusive in purchasing repossessed cars from Eastwest bank's extensive inventory! This limited-time offer provides an incredible opportunity for individuals to explore and acquire repossessed cars without the burden of deposit fees. Read on to discover more about this exclusive offer and how you can take advantage of it.

Waived Deposit Fees

We are committed in delivering unparalleled convenience and value to our users, and have decided to waive deposit fees for retail buyers interested in purchasing Eastwest Bank repossessed cars. By eliminating these deposit fees, we aim to empower retail buyers and make the process of acquiring a repossessed vehicle more accessible and with worry-free no deposit bidding.

Exclusive Offer for Users

This amazing offer is only for users, reaffirming our commitment to providing the community with exclusive benefits and opportunities. By visiting this link, you can gain access to Eastwest Bank's vast selection of repossessed cars, without the need to worry about deposit fees, giving you a significant advantage in finding the perfect vehicle at a competitive price.

Unlock Automart.PH - EastWest Bank Repossessed Cars Page

To avail this exciting offer, interested buyers are encouraged to visit our dedicated page, specifically designed to showcase Eastwest Bank's repossessed car inventory. This acts as a gateway to a world of possibilities. By clicking here, you will see your options and start your journey towards owning your dream car.

Repossessed Cars: A Smart Choice for Retail Buyers

Investing in a repossessed car presents an intelligent option for retail buyers seeking excellent value for their money. These vehicles often come at significantly discounted price compared to their market value, enabling buyers to secure a reliable car while saving a substantial amount. With our waived deposit fees, the appeal of repossessed cars is further amplified, providing an exceptional opportunity for retail buyers to make a wise and cost-effective purchase.

Our decision to waive deposit fees for retail buyers of Eastwest Bank repossessed cars is a new initiative in the automotive industry. By exclusively offering this promotion to our users, the platform demonstrates its dedication to providing unique advantages and opportunities to its valued community. If you are a retail buyer searching for a high-quality repossessed car, don't miss out on this limited-time offer. Visit our Eastwest Bank page today to access their repossessed car inventory, explore available options, and embark on a seamless and rewarding car-buying journey. Take advantage of this extraordinary promotion and secure your dream car without the burden of deposit fees.

How to Buy Eastwest Repossessed Vehicles?

Here is a step-by-step process for buying repossessed Eastwest Bank cars from

1. Visit

Go to the Eastwest bank landing page to access the inventory of repossessed cars from Eastwest Bank under Click here to visit the Eastwest Bank landing page.

2. Browse the Inventory

Explore the available cars on the website. Take your time to find the car that best suits your needs.

3. Select a Car

Once you have found a car that catches your interest, click on it to view its details, including specifications, photos, and other relevant information.

4. Contact

If you have any inquiries, want to proceed with purchasing the car, or schedule a viewing. Contact us at 0927-887-6400 or email us at You can message us on our Facebook page at, or press the connect button on the lower right to have an representative help you. We will assist you throughout the buying process and answer any questions you may have.

5. Register

The representative will guide you through the registration process. Provide the necessary information and complete the required forms to register your interest in participating in the auction.

6. Place Your Bid

Once registered, you will have access to the bidding process. Place your bid on the desired repossessed car within the given auction period. The auction period typically lasts until Wednesday at 4 pm.

7. Wait for Results

After the auction closes, patiently wait for the results. The winners of the bid will be emailed by Eastwest Bank. You can expect to receive a notification about the results anytime between Friday and Saturday.

8. Winning Bidder Email

If you are the winning bidder, Eastwest Bank will send you an email along with the Payment Instruction Sheet (PIS). This document will outline the terms of the sale, including the final bid amount to be paid. This sheet is valid to be used for 5-7 banking days.

9. Settlement of Payment

Review the Payment Instruction Sheet (PIS) and make the necessary arrangements for the settlement of payment. Follow the instructions provided in the email to complete the payment process within the specified timeframe.

10. Issuance of Gatepass

Once the payment has been settled, Eastwest Bank will process the necessary paperwork. Wait for approximately 5-7 banking days for the issuance of the gatepass, which will allow you to retrieve your newly acquired car from the warehouse.

11. Drive Your Car

Once you have received the gatepass, visit the designated warehouse as instructed by Eastwest Bank. Present the gatepass to claim your repossessed car. Enjoy your new ride!

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