The benefits of offering an employee shuttle

The benefits of offering an employee shuttle

Updated on April 19 2024

METRO MANILA, Updated July 13, 2022 – Did you know that the success of any business doesn't just rely on the power of the brand?

How the management takes care of its employees also affects productivity. This is possible through competitive salaries, a fun work environment, bonuses and services that help workers out.

For instance, a free shuttle service makes a huge difference for employees, especially those who don’t have their own cars. But shuttles aren’t only a trend in the tech industry. Various companies are seeing tremendous benefits of this service to their employees.

Here are a few:

Increased productivity and improved well-being

Filipinos love freebies.

That's why most companies globally saw the huge improvement of their workforce when they started providing free employee rides. For one, they will have enough time to prepare while traveling. Other employees can also have some small talk with their co-workers, which helps them build stronger relationships with one another.

As a result, employees are ready to face another day of work.

Minimize tardiness

No one wants to see an employee arriving late.

Aside from getting the attention of other workers, it can also delay the completion of some tasks. But this problem will no longer happen since everyone arrives at the same time.

Decongests public transport

As we all know, commuting in bigger cities in the Philippines is like a battle for many people.

You have to wait for a jeepney to arrive, endure long hours of traffic while standing in the bus or squeeze yourself into packed trains just to arrive on time in the office. Not an ideal way to start the day.

With free rides for employees, though, the number of commuters will significantly reduce. This gives more space for other passengers in public transit.

Helps save money

A free corporate ride gives your employees an opportunity to save money.

Since they no longer need to pay for public transportation or fuel for their cars, they can use that money to buy other necessities like groceries, medicines and school supplies.

As such, your employees will be inspired to work harder and become better.

Helps the environment

As much as private vehicles make commuting more convenient for many people, it can also contribute to air pollution.

But shuttle services, your employees will only ride in one vehicle, reducing the number of automobiles on the road. This may not look significant, but your efforts will surely make a huge difference for the next generation.

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Automart.PH Senior Content Creator VJ Bacungan contributed to this story.