Can I Install My Cellphone on My Dashboard?

Can I Install My Cellphone on My Dashboard?

Updated on April 23 2024

By Melvin L. Magadia for Automart.PH

Traffic sa EDSA. Magiisang oras ka na. Hindi gumagalaw. Nakakainip. Sarap manood ng Netflix o YouTube. Sa tagal ng traffic baka nakatapos ka na ng isang series. Pero pede ba? Baka mahuli ka ng MMDA. Okay lang ba ang cellphone sa dashboard? In this article, we will provide the answers so you will maintain a clean slate on your driving record.

What Does The Law Say?

Drivers these days use their mobile phones as navigational devices for Waze or Google Maps. While it is allowed especially for Grab drivers, there is a proper place where you can position the device. Republic Act 10913 or the Anti-Distracted Driving Act prohibits drivers from holding or using smartphones or electronic gadgets. The rule applies when the vehicle is in motion or temporarily stops at a traffic light or intersection.  

Under the revised implementing rules and regulations of RA 10913, you are allowed to mount your cellphone on the dashboard provided it is within the four-inch height limit. The height restriction was based on a consensus  reached by the LTO with motoring and road safety associations, car manufacturers, and transport network companies.

LTO chief Edgar Galvante reiterated that Grab drivers using their phones for navigation must pull over if they need to contact their passengers or reevaluate their routes. In addition, they are advised to set their destinations prior to their departure. Galvante also explained that they will not split hairs about those four inches. As long as the device does not interfere with the driver’s line of sight, it should be fine. Here’s a short video to help you visualize the proper placement:

However, using hands-free functions such as speaker phones, earphones, microphones, or other similar devices to make and receive calls is allowed. The use of dashcams is also not covered by the Anti-Distracted Driving Act. To date, there is still no law regulating the use of dashcams. But for their own safety, they are encouraged to mount their dashcams at the back if the rearview mirror.

Using the same devices to listen to music or for other entertainment purposes falls under “similar acts” in Section 4B of the law.

What Are The Penalties For Violating?

So magkano naman babayaran pag hindi sumunod? Under the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, the following are the penalties:

  • 1st offense - P5,000
  • 2nd offense - P10,000
  • 3rd offense - 15,000 and 3 months suspension of driver’s license
  • 4th offense - P20,000 and revocation of driver’s license

Driving a motor vehicle is risky so you need to focus on the road ahead. Leave the texting or calling after you disembark on your vehicle or do it before departure.

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