Car Trivia: How to park safely in a tight parking space

Car Trivia: How to park safely in a tight parking space

Updated on May 26 2024

METRO MANILA, – Parking seems easy enough.

Just maneuver your car into the slot and make sure to leave sufficient space for people to pass. But parking can become a huge nightmare in tight areas like narrow streets or tiny condo parking slots.

One wrong move can become costly because of damaged cars or property. To prevent yourself from causing automotive carnage, here are some things you should remember when parking in tight spaces.

1. Make sure the parking slot is big enough

We’re stating the obvious here, we know.

But many drivers still don’t know how big their car is. It comes with experience, but as long as you have about half a meter of clearance all around, your car will fit.

Most sport-utility vehicles and pick-up trucks, despite being behemoths, are surprisingly easy to maneuver because of their steering lock.

2. Stop beside the slot that you're planning to park in

Park up and make sure that nothing interferes when you slowly go into your chosen parking space, whether it’s pedestrians or other vehicles.

There are instances that someone or something suddenly comes out of nowhere, so being cautious is the key to avoid getting into a collision.

3. Use your turn signals or hazard lights

As the name suggests, this alerts other drivers that you are about to drive into the parking slot. This allows them to stop and give you enough space to drive safely.

4. Check your mirrors

It’s vital that your mirrors are properly set so that you can see things like the kerb, other vehicles or obstacles like light posts.

5. Turn your steering wheel toward the parking space and begin slowly pulling in

The secret to pulling into tight parking spots is to use full steering lock while the car is stopped. Then as you go in, keep it steady at full lock until you’re inside the slot.

If a vehicle is parked close to your driver’s door, position your car closer to the right side of the slot so that you will have more space on the driver’s side to open your door without hitting the other vehicle.

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Automart.PH Senior Content Creator VJ Bacungan contributed to this story.