Crossover or SUV? Which should you buy?

Crossover or SUV? Which should you buy?

Updated on June 21 2024

METRO MANILA, Updated August 4, 2022 – Crossover vehicles (CV) are built on a single-piece design or unitized body frame.

They are made on a car platform, which features an integrated body and chassis that are constructed as a single unit. As a result, they come as lighter cars that are fuel-efficient, with towing capacity ranging from 3,500 lbs. to 6,500 lbs.

Crossovers have largely supplanted sport-utility vehicles (SUV) that use a traditional body-on-frame design. They are assembled on a truck platform, in which the chassis and the body are built separately, but are connected during the manufacturing stage.

These are heavy vehicles that are more capable of hauling large items and handling tough terrain, at the expense of fuel consumption. The towing capacity of an SUV ranges from 5,000 lbs. to 8,000 lbs.

The terms CV and SUV are used interchangeably by car manufacturers, especially with the similarities they share. Indeed, a CV may look like an SUV on the road. Here are the things that distinguish one from the other.

Best features of crossovers

What sets crossover cars apart from regular vehicles are their distinct appearance and certain technical features.

Crossover fans argue that the vehicle has the best of both worlds, combining the features of a sedan with the best characteristics of SUVs.

  1. Every year that passes, the manufacturers upgrade the features to include improved built-in technology.
  2. They’re versatile and rugged all in one. So, there are options to customize your crossover car to make it suitable to your needs and preferences.
  3. They appear bulkier outside than a regular car, but they usually don’t take up more space on the road.
  4. An upright seating position that allows for clearer outside visibility plus comfortable interior space. With high seating capacities, the crossover car is replacing many SUVs and minivans.
  5. They’re gaining popularity as a go-to car for families. They’ve taken over the interest of the market as they have the body and space of an SUV with car-based mechanicals that offer a smoother drive and better handling.

Cons of crossovers

While the advantages of owning and driving a crossover car are apparent, the principle remains that no car is ever built to perfection.  

Here are some downsides of a crossover:

  1. Their off-road performance is constrained. Many new models offer you a four-wheel drive as an alternative, but are not as good as SUVs in the rough stuff.
  2. Crossover cars are not as powerful as SUVS, which also limits the towing capacity.
  3. To fully enjoy the functionality of a crossover, it must be equipped with a powerful engine and all-wheel drive, but it becomes costly. At some point, buying an SUV would be cheaper.

Best features of SUVs

The driver of an SUV rewards himself of excellent road visibility, high ground clearance and a stylish, large body.  Some of the best characteristics of SUVs include the following:

  1. SUVs give you features like high ground clearance and an all-wheel drive capability, making them reasonably good for off-road driving.
  2. An SUV is a treat to ride regardless of the model you carry. They’re built to weather any road obstacles. Also, they can be used for heavy-duty work like heavy towing.

Some cons of SUVs

As great as it is to own a behemoth like an SUV, there are some things you will have to live with:

  1. SUV rides on a truck-based platform and, thus, they’re heavier vehicles to drive.
  2. With suspension designed for rough terrain, SUVs can be bouncy and a little tough on pavement.
  3. SUVs are harder to maneuver if potential danger comes along.
  4. Compared to crossovers, an SUV is more costly in terms of expenses like maintenance and repair services.

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Automart.PH Senior Content Creator VJ Bacungan contributed to this story.