Pre-Purchase Car Inspection by Expert Mechanics

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection by Expert Mechanics

Updated on April 19 2024

Most modern cars are built to last and can easily go several years without needing anything more than routine maintenance–but it's always a good idea to professionally inspect any used car for peace of mind.

Aside from shady paperwork and unknown origins, the biggest concern when approaching a used or repossessed car is its mechanical state of health. The odometer does not tell all, sometimes a high-mileage car may actually be in better shape than a less traveled one. Hence the need for a proper pre-purchase inspection.

Issues with the exterior (paint, body damage) and interior (seats, upholstery) are easy enough to spot. It's when it comes to inspecting the engine, suspension, brakes, and other vital components that a potential buyer may need assistance. Common advice you may have heard is to bring a trusted mechanic when doing the pre-purchase inspection of a used car. Rarely does anyone tell you how to actually find one though.

Book an Expert Mechanic Inspection

Automart.Ph has a selection of thousands of high-quality used and repossessed cars and, unlike buying directly from a bank, we encourage you to conduct a pre-purchase inspection of our available units for peace of mind.

A free inspection, courtesy of our advisers, is available for every buyer. advisers are professionally trained and will help you determine a vehicle's basic condition. They will also assist you throughout the entire process of buying a used car.

For those who aren't mechanically inclined or don't have a trusted mechanic in their contact list–such as first-time buyers–we offer expert inspections with our mechanics. It's much more hassle free than finding your own guy. Book your appointment date and expert mechanic in one go on our site.

We charge a minimal fee of P700 per hour for an expert inspection with an accompanying mechanic. This is usually long enough for three car inspections in one location.

Get Quality Inspection and Advice

Our expert mechanics have a standardized multiple-point checklist for you to easily keep track of their findings. They will also grade the car's condition appropriately, making it easy to compare multiple choices. Inspecting a used car is only half of it, of course.

In the event of any issues, they won't leave you to find the answers yourself in some Facebook group. Our mechanics will discuss any concerns that pop up during your pre-purchase inspection and offer you advice on what to do should you purchase the car.

Know Exactly What You're Buying

A car that has undergone an pre-purchase inspection, with an in-depth discussion afterwards, is one that you can buy with confidence. We offer our free and expert inspection services to ensure our buyers can do exactly that.

At Automart.Ph we have thousands of high-quality used and repossessed cars at the lowest possible and fixed price. No markup, walang patong.

Our professionally trained advisers waiting for your free one-on-one consultation. Head over to Automart.Ph or contact us at 0927-887-6400 for more information or to set up an appointment.

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