Iwas Multa: Five Practical Ways to Avoid Traffic Violations

Iwas Multa: Five Practical Ways to Avoid Traffic Violations

Updated on July 18 2024

By: Careen L. Malahay, for Automart.ph

Do you know that traffic violations, no matter how minor, can land you in hot water with the authorities?

Follow these five practical tips to get around town quickly and efficiently. And hey! Iwas multa pa!

1. Be  a responsible driver.  

Before getting behind the wheel, ensure you are ready to handle your car, regardless of the destination. Remember that the road is full of people and other vehicles, which can collide in the blink of an eye. Therefore, be a responsible driver all the time. You may not stop all types of accidents, but your actions can save more lives than you can think of.

2. Ensure that your car is working perfectly.  

Another practical way to avoid traffic violations is to inspect your car before hitting the road. Make sure that everything is functioning well, such as the tire pressure, engine, seatbelt, and other parts of the automobile. Having a regular check-up from a skilled mechanic is also essential to avoid experiencing troubles while traveling.

3. Do not drive fast.

Slow down when approaching another vehicle on the road. This way, you will save money from any collision. If you have cruise control, set it to a low speed so that it continues to slow down as you drive around, especially during rush hours.

4. Be alert to stop signs.

When you’re in a hurry, and there’s no one around, it can be tempting to drive through an intersection. On the other hand, failure to follow at a stop sign is a dangerous offense with potentially fatal consequences, especially if a pedestrian attempts to cross the streets. Therefore, focus on stop signs. Once your vehicle is in a complete stop, check for any blind spots by looking from left to right. This way, you can avoid running into a pedestrian or another automobile.

5. Be patient when driving in heavy traffic.

There can be no way out, but there is sometimes another lane or exit that will get you where you need to go faster than currently available. So, be patient and don’t rush. You’ll soon arrive at your destination without getting into traffic violations.

Traffic violations can be costly and can land you in serious legal trouble if you’re not careful. So, follow the tips mentioned above and enjoy a safer and multa-free life!

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