How to avoid car repossessions in 2022

How to avoid car repossessions in 2022

Updated on April 18 2024

METRO MANILA, – Do you want to take out a car loan, but you feel scared because of the horror stories from other people?

Are you afraid to experience any financial problems with the bank or, worse, car repossession? No worries!

We will share several useful tips to help you avoid getting your car repossessed.

Think about your financial capacity

The first step that you need to do before choosing a car, whether brand-new or used, is to consider if you can afford it.

Buying an automobile is a huge purchase. It requires a large amount of money to pay the downpayment and other fees. In addition, you need to settle the balance within a certain time. And of course, there are instances when your vehicle might need repair.

When taking out a car loan, make sure that it will not strain your monthly income. If it does, look for cheaper models instead of pushing through your first choice.

Look into the used market

Although brand new cars are amazing, it will not hurt to consider looking into used vehicles as well.

Used cars are much cheaper as compared to the newer models. This means you can also do financing, but have much lower downpayments and amortizations.

Review the contract

Yes, you finally have your own car!

However, purchasing your new travel buddy does not end with forking over the downpayment. You are still responsible for settling the outstanding balance.

Always take time to read your contract. Make sure you understand everything, especially the consequences of failed payments.

Pay on time

Unlike borrowing money from a friend or family member, an auto loan is a much bigger financial responsibility.

Failing to settle the payments on time can lead to disastrous consequences, which include car repossession.

To avoid this, always pay your monthly payments on or before the due date. You can either schedule the payment on your phone so that you won't forget or use an auto debit scheme from your bank account.

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Automart.PH Senior Content Creator VJ Bacungan contributed to this story.