How to prevent vehicle car theft

How to prevent vehicle car theft

Updated on April 23 2024

By Melvin Magadia, for Automart.PH

Car theft is not as rampant as it was in the old days. This is because newer car models include immobilizers as a standard feature. Despite this, nothing can stop the most resilient thief from stealing a car. In the Philippines, carnapping/car theft is a focus crime. As of August 2022, the Philippine National Police revealed 14 incidents of carnapping throughout the country.

There are several things that make your vehicles attractive to thieves. If your car is retrofitted with expensive parts and accessories, it will definitely catch the eye of criminal elements. However, it is worth noting that the most expensive and flashiest cars are not always the most desirable to thieves. Whatever is convenient to them, they will try and steal from it. Whatever your car is, don’t make it easy for criminals to steal. So here are some tips on how to prevent car theft.

1. Install an audible alarm system

If your car did not come with an audible alarm system, you should invest in one. An audible alarm will emit a loud noise if someone attempts to break in your vehicle while the alarm is on. This will scare off a potential thief. There are different types of car alarms available in the market, but you may need an alarm technician or mechanic to install it as installing it may require working with the vehicle’s wiring system.

2. Etch VIN/Plate Number in your windows

Thieves try to steal cars in order to sell parts, but you can prevent this from happening by etching your vehicle identification number (VIN) some car parts. Etching your VIN/plate number into each window, for example, will deter criminals as the window can no longer be sold off. While there are some who will still attempt to steal the parts, most people will not.

3. Install a tracking system  

A tracking system uses wireless and/or GPS technology to send signals about the location of your vehicle. In case of theft, you can send this location to the police to allow them to recover your vehicle faster. You may need a professional to install the device.

We cannot totally prevent people from stealing cars, but we can make it more difficult for them to do so.

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